The state’s latest skier death happened late Friday morning at the Loveland Ski Area on the continental divide, but wasn’t reported until Monday. Loveland’s not releasing many details, even to the TV station that first reported the incident, Denver’s Fox 31. The victim was a 35-year-old man, who reportedly died around 10:30 Friday. Ski patrollers are said to have responded right away to whatever his fatal “incident” was, but the unnamed victim was pronounced dead at the scene by the Clear Creek County Coroner’s Office. The man is said to have been wearing a helmet at the time of his death, but again whether he hit a tree or suffered trauma in some other kind of incident isn’t known. The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office is said to still be investigating what happened.

Developers including local Jeff Gorsuch, behind the proposed new Gorsuch Haus hotel, were pretty pleased with themselves going into last night’s latest public hearing on the project before city council. They figured reducing the hotel’s square footage 13 percent, the length of the building by almost a quarter, and other changes would calm the concerns of locals and officials who oppose that new lodge. Well, not so much. Going into Monday’s meeting, the city planning staff had called on council to offer some feedback to the group, then table its application and seek a new proposal. The developers have wanted out of the city’s building height restrictions which would cap how tall the Gorsuch Haus could be at 40 feet. They’d like it to be more like the 47 feet the rules used to say, before changes in how height gets calculated. The city’s deputy planning director says the staff is calling for the height limit to remain firm. And a giant factor in the whole project is the replacement of the 45-year-old Lift 1A, which many say would be too much within the hotel’s outlines, and would appear to be serving its guests only, rather than the public. There’ve been calls for the lift’s base to get moved down the hillside toward Dean Street to eliminate that concern. The lift is key in another big way, because every day it’s not replaced is another day Aspen’s not being considered for any future World Cup ski races. FIS has made a new 1A a requirement before Aspen will even be in the mix again, despite the success of this month’s Cup Finals being staged here. So the results of last night’s meeting and the many public comments offered on all sides have yet to be shaken out. We shall all see…

No more info’s been reported yet about the deaths of those 2 men whose bodies were found by a roommate in their home in the Blue Lake subdivision near El Jebel last Friday. Eagle County authorities reported over the weekend one of the victims was 26-year-old Michael Martinez. They said they’d had a tough time notifying the other man’s next of kin. No word yet on the cause or manner of those deaths, or of the condition of a 3rd person who was taken from the same house and hospitalized shortly after the bodies were found.
You can expect to need some extra time to get downvalley, along a 2-mile stretch of Highway 82 now and for the next 5 months or so. CDOT’s gonna be repairing the retaining wall near the Pitkin County landfill, between mile markers 31 and 33, and only in the westbound, or heading downvalley, lanes. Along that stretch, traffic will be squeezed into a single lane, with speeds cut to only 35 miles an hour, all day long, Monday thru Friday.
And in Glenwood Springs, crews are doing rock scaling along Midland Avenue this week, trying to prevent more of the big rocks from the hillside above from tumbling down and injuring or killing you in your car, or doing the same to anyone in the numerous homes in that area. The work’s going to result in some lane closures and delays at various times this week, but officials are hoping after that, safety will be improved for a long time to come. So please bear with them, and be patient while that work’s doen the rest of this week.