That 2nd guy who died mysteriously in a Blue Lake subdivision house in Eagle County near El Jebel last Friday has now been identified as 30-year-old Camillo Sanchez. He and 26-year-old Michael Martinez were found “stiff and cold” by another roommate, who apparently called for help. First responders did take a 3rd person out of the house, reportedly taking them alive to a hospital. We still don’t know who that person was, what his or her condition was that morning, or how they might be doing now. Still no word on just how those men died, although several attempts to wake them with powerful anti-overdose compounds were reportedly attempted.
Late Monday night, after hearing a couple hours of public comments mostly in favor of the proposed Gorsuch Haus hotel, Aspen City Council ended up tabling the project until an undetermined date. The development company called Norway Island had revised its proposal significantly over the last couple months, making its rooms tinier, cutting a 3rd of the proposed length off its building, and cutting the height of the hotel down to a required 40 feet. Even then, some locals still found the potential lodge too tall. Others found the idea of the hotel would disrupt an otherwise quiet neighborhood… some said the inn would be just the thing to refresh the west side of Aspen Mountain… some still hate the idea of not enough public access to the new Lift 1A that would be installed… while at least one person doesn’t think the current 45-year-old lift is in that bad a shape. FIS does though, and says Aspen won’t be considered for any World Cup races as long as the current lift remains. After the marathon meeting, again council didn’t decide anything, but did urge the developers to talk to neighbors around the site and hear their concerns before making another pitch. No word when that next attempt might be allowed.
Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron has other things to be concerned about, but the load on his mind got a little lighter Monday night… Now the incumbent’s in a 2, or maybe even 1 and a half, candidate re-election race. That, after candidate Cale Mitchell had to withdraw, because it turns out he lived slightly outside Aspen’s town limits until November of last year. Candidates have to live inside the city at least a year in order to serve. At the council meeting, Skadron urged Mitchell to stay involved, and thanked him for his interest. Now the Mayor’s only opposition is the controversial Lee Mulcahy. He started blasting the Aspen Skiing Company in public when fired from his ski instructor job 6 years ago, which got him banned from all Skico properties including the 4 ski areas. Then when the city sought to boot him out of employee housing for not being an employee, Mulcahy sued the city. Mail ballots will be sent out beginning April 10th. Actual election day is May 2nd.
At the other end of the valley, several Glenwood Springs council candidates agree with law enforcers, who’ve already pledged not to go after locals based on their immigration status, and the candidates say the city should do all it can to help residents who are immigrants feel safe and secure. Candidates for an at-large post stating those sentiments include Rick Davis, Shelley Kaup, Jonathan Gorst, and Charlie Willman. Also in agreement, candidates for Ward 5- Amber Wissing, Don Gillespie, and Jonathan Godes. Rick Voorhees is the lone candidate seeking the Ward 2 council seat. Glenwood’s election day is next Tuesday, the 4th of April.