That suspect in a Snowmass Village bar assault was arrested early Monday.  He’s 20-year-old Milwaukee resident Brandon Hines.  Village police say Hines faces the misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and 3rd degree assault.  The charges stem from Hines allegedly punching a guy, 63-year-old local resident Jim Andre, in Zane’s Tavern last Thursday night.  The incident was caught on surveillance photos– once they were published, they helped tips come in that led to Hines’ arrest.  Andre had to be flown to Grand Junction’s St. Mary’s Hospital.  He’s in critical care there this morning.  Hines is due back in Pitkin County court June 6th.  No word on what could happen with the charges if Andre doesn’t recover from his injuries.

Monday, the Garfield County Commissioners voted to allow a bit of the stuff needed for fracking…  a small injection well…  inside the residential limits of Battlement Mesa, with a zoning change.  Those wells are used to dispose of the wastewater from the process of fracturing underground rocks to get at more natural gas or oil.  They’d been illegal in Battlement Mesa, until now.  Commissioner Mike Samson claims not to have made up his mind on those wells, and adds the claim the board’s NOT yet approved one.  He says Monday’s vote only opens the door for mining giant Ursa Resources to submit an application to get one.  Ursa owns mineral rights under the ground the town sits on.  It got county and state approval to drill for natural gas there last year.  The Grand Valley Citizens Alliance spoke up at the meeting, saying once an area is zoned for injection wells, that’s forever.  The group says the site being talked about is too close to homes, the Colorado River, and several town facilities.

Yes, the Grand Avenue Bridge Project just gets messier in Glenwood Springs…  and that’s gonna continue most of the rest of this year, so be ready.  We’ll remind you on our separate bridge update, but there is a lot starting to happen this spring.  The work includes asphalt overlays in preparation for this summer’s massive detours.  It’s underway this week with 40 pedestrian ramps and some 56 hundred feet of guardrail getting improved and replaced along US 6.  The process there will fix up US 6 a little west of Storm King Drive to a bit west of Laurel Street…  also Midland Avenue from Devereux Road to 8th Street…  and the downtown detour that’s being called the “squareabout.”  And re-paving of US 6 is due to begin next month, so watch out for that.  And for the next several weeks, 6 will be in an alternating one-lane pattern.  You could see delays as long as 15 minutes, anytime 7 ‘til 5 Monday thru Friday.  And remember at the West Glenwood interchange, exit 114, roundabout work is ongoing, with more delays during rush hours in the morning.  If you go through that West Glenwood area, officials suggest maybe cutting your traffic stress by moving your schedule–  to head through the 114 work before 7 each morning, or after 8:30.

A lot more spring construction’s getting started, not on the roads specifically, but on pretty much everything else in Snowmass Village.  Ski season wrapped up Easter Sunday, and everything else began Monday.  Work is getting underway to among other things, build another Limelight Hotel.  The hotel will go where all that rebar’s been sticking up from the Base Village parking garage for several years.  It’s a key part of the redevelopment of Base Village, after SkiCo bought it back from something called “Related Companies.”  Also, once the Forest Service approves, some of the extra gear for fun up near Elk Camp next year, will start getting installed this year.  Expect what’s currently being called the Discovery Center to start going up shortly after the Limelight, too.  It’s expected to get some other name, but will have residential units and retail space in it, and a public plaza, that’ll be a skating rink in the winter and a nice lawn in the summer.  That’s a little of what’s up in Snowmass Village this summer, more building to begin in the fall.