The announcement came in a Tuesday email from the US Ski & Snowboard Association– It’s moving ahead with plans to host World Cup ski races next season at only Killington, Vermont for the women, and Beaver Creek for the men. USSA says the 2 stops are part of the comprehensive American plan that’ll be presented to the FIS at its yearly meetings in Slovenia late next month. This past season’s early-season GS & slalom visit to Killington was the first World Cup event on the American east coast since 1991, and attracted some 30 thousand race fans. Its stop is being proposed for both the 2017-18 and 18-19 seasons. Beaver Creek’s annual Birds of Prey couldn’t be held this past December due to lack of snow, but the event’s become so iconic on the men’s downhill and Super-G circuits, especially since the Vail Valley’s hosted 3 World Championships the last 30 years, USSA had no choice but to put the eagerly-anticipated event back on the proposed calendar. As FIS warned following what was seen as a highly-successful World Cup Finals last month, Aspen is nowhere to be found in even a proposal or afterthought. Federation officials say they won’t be considering Aspen anytime soon, until the 45-year-old Lift 1A is replaced with a high-speed lift and the base at the bottom of that lift is dramatically improved. Holding up that process is the ongoing controversy before town council, as to the exact size of a proposed new hotel, and concerns about whether there’ll be enough public access to the new lift there. USSA thanks both Aspen and Squaw Valley for their efforts to showcase the athletes and grow the sport, but Squaw doesn’t appear in any future plans at this point, either. 

Happy post-Easter, in advance. The Aspen Skiing Company’s announced an extension of the ski season on Aspen Mountain until the 23rd, where Snowmass will still shut down on Easter Sunday, the 16th. Buttermilk’s already shut down for the summer, with the Aspen Ascent uphilling weekend set this Saturday & Sunday, and Highlands’ last day is this Sunday, the 9th. The additional week on Ajax comes despite no significant snow across most of the valley in the past month, but a reported good 17 inches or so dropped on Aspen Mountain in just the last week or so. Skico expects to be running top to bottom skiing in those final couple weeks, with the Ruthie’s, FIS, Ajax Express, and Silver Queen Gondola lifts still open 10 til 5 each day. And if spring storms should create a powder day, Skico says the lifts will open on Ajax at 9 in the morning. Passes remain valid for the extra days… daily lift ticket prices will be 69 bucks for adults, 45 for kids, teens, and seniors.


Now it’s a murder charge against the girlfriend, too. 24-year-old Michelle Castillo admitted guilt last month to being an accessory to her boyfriend Gustavo Olivo-Tellez’ alleged shooting murder of his estranged wife Blanca Salas-Jurado at an apartment south of Glenwood Springs last October. However, prosecutors now say some surprising comments Castillo made in an interview after she entered the plea have forced the district attorney to withdraw a deal made months ago, DA Jeff Cheney hasn’t revealed what was said by Castillo, but did say what she was telling prosecutors was not truthful or credible, and her plea deal is now off. She’s charged, just like Olivo-Tellez is, with first degree murder. The interview happened some 10 days after she’d pleaded guilty on the accessory charge March 14th.  


And something positive from a potential negative… Many students at Carbondale’s Roaring Fork High School were so upset their much-loved assistant principal, Kelsie Goodman, didn’t get hired as the next Principal, they were ready to express their anger, with a walkout demonstration Tuesday. But Ms. Goodman got wind of it, wrote an impassioned letter to the student body, and student leaders helped her along with other administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to stage, instead of a walkout, a “waffle-in.” Many dozens of waffles were cooked up Tuesday morning, and hundreds of students enjoyed them for breakfast in the school’s commons area, coming together in positivity, not negativity. Goodman was very gratified the situation turned around…
She told KSNO, “We’re really thrilled. Kind of the theme of the day is, `we know what we’re about.’ Carbondale is the greatest place in the world, we have the greatest kids in the world, and our school’s incredibly united. And we are– we’re going to have a great year next year, I get to stay as Vice-Principal, which is the job that… I’ve never loved a job more than I love this. I’ve never worked in a community that I’ve loved more than I love this, and so– today’s a huge celebration, just kind of a declaration of that commitment to one another, and what we’re doing.”
One of the many students who helped make the waffle-in happen was Lorenzo Andrade, who says lots of friends were on the same page. “It was a way to channel all the positivity, and radiate happiness across the school, y’know? Love and waffles, I call it `loffling,’ I mean it’s a way to show our unity, how united we are, even in a- as times are changing, with the new principal coming in next year, and to show our support for Ms. Goodman as Vice-Principal goes. She’s a great person.”
Again, Goodman stays in her current post as Vice-Principal… new Roaring Fork Principal Brett Stringer, who’s wanted to move to the mountains for years, will soon be arriving with his wife who’s an art teacher. He comes from Aurora North Middle School, he’s bi-lingual, and has experience with diverse school communities just like the vibrant one he’ll find at Roaring Fork High. You can hear more of this heartwarming story later today, on the KSNO Community Desk.