A man was found dead only about half a mile from the KSNO studios in El Jebel Wednesday, also near an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office substation.  Spokesperson Amber Barrett says the sheriff’s department first got word around 7 Wednesday morning…

Barrett reiterates there doesn’t seem to be any danger to the community, and it doesn’t appear this unnamed man’s death was caused by any criminal activity.  The Aspen Times reports at least 2 women were seen near the body as it lay covered with a sheet, and they were apparently in grief, while authorities were still on the scene.

The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent reports former local Arts Center Director Christina Brusig is being charged in Eagle County with a felony count of fraud for writing bad checks.  A warrant for Brusig’s arrest was issued in January.  An Eagle couple who’d been renting their New Castle house to Brusig since December of 2014 told Eagle Police last fall that she’d stopped sending rent checks in July of ’15.   They say she avoided them for some 9 months, then met with them and wrote a series of checks adding up to nearly 18 thousand dollars.  The owners told police they tried to cash the checks, but they all bounced due to insufficient funds.  Brusig apparently went to jail in mid-January.  She quit her arts center job in Glenwood on the 5th of this month, and told the newspaper 2 days ago she stepped down due to not getting enough support, considering the heavy workload she was under.  Brusig also reportedly expressed surprise that the Glenwood Police would be investigating the arts center’s finances.

Aspen Valley Hospital owns a nearby assisted-living facility called Whitcomb Terrace, and now it’s trying to evict a tenant who lives there, 68-year-old Paul Disnard.  For what?  For smoking legal marijuana.  Pot being legal across Colorado doesn’t mean a private facility like that can’t prohibit its use on the property, much as many places do with tobacco these days.  The hospital has sued in Pitkin County Court for Disnard to be removed from the facility.  AVH says his alleged pot use violates a residential agreement he signed, and puts the hospital’s license to serve other Medicare patients at risk.  That’s because marijuana’s still a Schedule I illegal drug according to federal law.  The eviction action also accuses Disnard of not paying his March and April rent, to the tune of 730 dollars.  Disnard was reportedly served with the complaint in February, and it gave him 2 months to move out.  Now, he’s supposed to answer that by next Wednesday, the 26th.  The hospital admits it doesn’t even know if he might already have moved out.

Basalt council members Auden Schendler and Bernie Grauer are said to be advocating different directions, for the town to handle what’s become controversial…  what to do about that “Pan & Fork” property that used to be part of a mobile home park.  Schendler’s idea is to encourage one of the current owners or a developer who might hold an option, to turn a development application in to the town.  Grauer is said to have proposed in late March that Basalt just use nearly 3 million dollars to quickly buy the 2.3 acre site.  That piece of land has been an issue in the town at least 2 years now.  The 2 councilmen are said to have talked the issue over Tuesday…  no word on how their discussion ended up, or if it resolved any differences.  Schendler tells the Aspen Times he gets Grauer’s desire to resolve the issue and just buy the land fast, but he feels throwing that kind of cash at the property would be financially irresponsible.  Basalt voters killed a ballot question a year ago that would’ve authorized a new property tax to suddenly make the 2.9 million dollar purchase.  At issue overall–  if the town acquires that property, how much of it should be developed, and how much should be parkland.

And in case you didn’t know where Carbondale town manager Jay Harrington’s been the last couple days, he’s in Vail, getting grilled by the public and town council there as a finalist to succeed Vail’s longest-serving manager Stan Zemler, who’s had the job 13 years.  The other candidates he’s up against include the city managers of Morro Bay, California and Fate, Texas.

In Sports–  more of the diamond life coming up this afternoon, as Basalt High baseball hosts Steamboat Springs at 4:00.  The Longhorns have evened their record at 5 & 5 on the season, and are coming off an 11 to 1 pasting of Aspen on Tuesday.