Traffic trouble, not the usual and forthcoming jam variety, cropped up near Glenwood Springs late Tuesday afternoon. There was a crash on I-70 a little east of South Bridge, on a sweeping curve near mile marker 112, a little before 5:00. There wasn’t any early word on how many cars were involved, or if anyone was hurt. 

Slightly higher elevation and a better storm corridor has things a little chillier and more wintry over in Eagle County the last 24 hours or so. And Tuesday morning, there was another wreck, this a multi-vehicle crackup, on I-70 near Eagle. A Greyhound bus was one of the vehicles involved, with only 3 passengers aboard. State troopers say the bus went off the side of the westbound highway, with only minor injuries. And to be on the safe side, authorities had the driver taken to the nearest hospital, Vail Valley Medical Center. The injuries still weren’t believed to be serious. Troopers say there’d been a sudden pileup of snow and hail on the road, some cars and that bus sliding a bit.


More road news… Now it looks like El Jebel Road’s going to be shut down from Favre Lane to Gillespie Drive for a while. That change is expected to begin Thursday and be in place until the end of July. And while you’ll be able to get to businesses on Shadowrock Drive through the summer, that road will be closed to through traffic. All that, necessary as a roundabout is built on El Jebel Road to calm future traffic. Such a closure wasn’t apparently planned in advance. It wasn’t part of the roundabout announcement on the 7th of this month.


So— how about cutting traffic in, or in this case, leaving Aspen? And hey– how many times has that been asked the last half-century? One local proposed at a meeting in January that what are now designated bus-only lanes heading out of town on Highway 82 could be opened to all vehicles during afternoon rush hour to cut down on jams. Several officials poo-poohed the idea 4 months ago, but now, a few of the candidates for city council and Mayor seem more open to at least experimenting with Jay Maytin’s idea. Some officials caution that changing the lanes to allow all traffic could jeopardize some federal road funds Aspen gets now. The Aspen Times reports incumbent Mayor Steve Skadron is flatly opposed, saying Aspen shouldn’t ever “incentivize” car traffic over mass transit.