On Thursday, April 27, Aspen community members will have the opportunity to participate in a live keypad polling session regarding the Pedestrian Mall Improvement Project.

After a brief presentation from the project team, attendees will be asked a series of questions surrounding various aspects of the Mall’s design, character, use, infrastructure and more. Participants will use key pad remotes to answer the questions according to their personal opinions and perspectives.

Once everyone has had a chance to respond, the real-time poll results will be displayed for everyone to develop a better understanding of areas of agreement and areas with differing opinion. These results will help to facilitate meaningful discussion intended to better inform the project, promote alignment, and provide direction to the project team.

“These open house sessions provide Aspen and regional community members with an opportunity to begin providing next level feedback to our project team,” said project planning and landscape design lead, Mike Albert, “This information will be used to gauge public priorities heading into the conceptual planning and design phase for the Pedestrian Mall. For us, the most successful outcomes are a result of a comprehensive, rigorous and transparent public engagement process. The Pedestrian Mall came to fruition through the will and leadership of its citizens. As such, this process will be informed by citizens of Aspen.”

The public open house on Thursday, April 27th will feature project information and interactive stations with results from analysis phase. Project team members will be available to collect feedback on specific improvement areas such as urban park features. Food and beverage will be provided.

There will be two sessions for participants to drop in and explore before the formal presentations featuring live keypad polling. Session I will be held at the Pitkin County Library Community Room, drop in: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., presentation and key pad polling at 12 p.m. Session II will be at the Aspen City Council Chambers, drop in: 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., presentation and key pad polling at 6 p.m.

For more information or to participate now, please visit the project website aspenpedestrianmall.com or contact Kathleen Wanatowicz, Business Program Coordinator, at 970-618-1457 or info@aspenpedestrianmall.com.