Remember we told you last week about those shootins around Rifle & Silt last week. Seems somebody just drove around with a pellet or bb gun, shooting at things. They managed to damage 34 cars, 3 businesses, and at least 1 house on the evening of March 27th. Now Rifle police have surveillance photos out of what they believe was the vehicle involved. It’s believed to have been a Jeep Cherokee SUV somewhere between the 1999 & 2004 model years, the color maybe silver, maybe light gold. Law enforcers believe the vandalism in the 2 Garfield County towns are linked. If you know anything about those shooting sprees of just over a week ago, call the Rifle PD at 665-6500 or CrimeStoppers, 945-0101.
Gustavo Olivo-Tellez will go to trial for the first-degree murder of his estranged wife Blanca Salas-Jurado. She was shot to death at an apartment just south of Glenwood Springs last October. Prosecutors presented enough evidence in a Friday hearing to advance the case in district court. Olivo-Tellez’ girlfriend at the time, Michelle Castillo, is also charged in the case, accused of being an accessory to murder. Her first hearing in the case is set for late next month.  
There may be a light at the end of the process… Headhunter/recruiters are cutting down a field of 58 candidates for the job of Basalt Town Manager. After all last year’s controversy, you might’ve thought nobody wanted that gig, but nearly 5 dozen people do. The lead recruiter Phil McKenney’s expected to give town council a short list this week, with interviews to be held on the 21st of this month before groups of council members, other town staff, and local citizens. From the short list of 6 to 8, they hope to get down to 2 to 3 finalists. That group will go before locals at a mixer the 27th, then more interviews and a final choice are anticipated on the 28th.  
Remember road work has picked back up at the West Glenwood exit from I-70, number 114, and should continue through June. The idea’s going to be, to increase traffic capacity on the south roundabout there, by widening it, improving the median, and more. If you commute through that area, especially in the morning hours, you might want to adjust your schedule, to go through West Glenwood either before 7:00 or after 8:30. During that time, priority will go to traffic taking the eastbound I-70 exit ramp, in order to prevent backups on the interstate. And that ramp will be down to one lane. Drivers are urged to use the main Glenwood exit, number 116, during those hours… but also remember the eastbound ON-ramp to the interstate’s going to be closed 6 til 9 each weekday morning the next several months.