You might’ve never thought you’d hear news about Mammoth on The Mammoth, but here it is…
The announcement this time came Wednesday morning from those “affiliates” of Aspen Skiing Company and KSL Partners– it was word that those companies, that made a deal over the weekend to acquire all the holdings of Intrawest, had added a post-


Skico’s Jeff Hanle says in this acquisition, the new Skico & KSL company that hasn’t yet been named, gets Mammoth Mountain, Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, and June Mountain. Also, various lodges, golf courses, bike parks, snowmobile companies, and more are part of the deal…  


Hanle says the 4 mountains and all that’s included will be acquired from an affiliate of Starwood. He emphasizes, as with the Intrawest buy, that Skico and KSL don’t intend to shake things up, after seeing that these properties are running well. He says the company will be there to help out. Both this transaction and the one announced Monday are expected to close by the fall. No price tag announced on this one… the Intrawest deal was said to be worth about 1 and a half billion dollars.


Pitkin County’s “just saying no” to– the White House. The commissioners said this week they want to send the President the message that the county won’t help round up local undocumented immigrants who aren’t in the middle of committing a crime. Commissioner Rachel Richards said in the meeting she doesn’t want to live in a “papers, please” society. The commissioners and Sheriff Joe DiSalvo worked together Tuesday on a resolution that was voted on Wednesday for the first time. Local police departments up and down the valley agree with DiSalvo, as do his counterparts in Eagle & Garfield Counties. The public will be able to comment on the Pitkin resolution on the 26th, before the second reading and final vote. It reads, in these words, “”The mere fact that someone is in the United States without documentation is not a crime nor a threat to public safety. Pitkin County desires to maintain trust with the valley’s immigrant community by clearly stating that immigrants are welcome in Pitkin County, and that Pitkin County seeks to limit cooperation with the federal government on immigration enforcement.” The document adds that county workers and departments, quoting again here… “shall not perform the functions of a federal immigration officer.” They also won’t use county funds or facilities to enforce or assist, in this language, “any federal program requiring registration of individuals on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or national origin.” Again, the 2nd reading and final vote are on tap in just under 2 weeks, on the 26th.


We reminded you about this somewhat on the bridge report 24 hours ago, but here’s a little more detail. Eagle County has started work on roundabouts at El Jebel, intended to improve the flow of traffic on El Jebel Road, north of Highway 82. The work’s expected to continue through October. It’ll create a dedicated right-turn lane onto westbound 82 from El Jebel Road. There’s also going to be a center barrier on El Jebel Road, forcing you to turn right at businesses on either side of the road. And a roundabout’s going to be built at the intersection of Shadowrock Drive and El Jebel Road. So watch for construction in that area 7:30 to 5:30 most weekdays, for the next 6 months.


And the Roaring Fork School district that includes Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Basalt says the detailed language has been arrived at, for the new teacher housing program. Voters district-wide OK’d it 2 years ago. Teachers who want to get into a lottery for one of the available units have to work for the schools at least 30 hours a week. If there isn’t enough interest from full-timers, some part-time employees may get considered. About 23 units of various sizes split between Ironbridge near Glenwood, and the Willits area of Basalt will come available this summer for next school year. Agreements are being put together for about a dozen more that could be built in Glenwood’s Cardiff Mesa area, and 16 to 20 on Carbondale’s 3rd Street. 80 percent of the total are expected to be reserved for teachers in the future, the rest for classified workers. The guidelines just got the OK from the school board last week. A system capping rents at 26 to 30 percent of household income based on the district’s own median income figures should help keep the units truly “affordable” for school workers who make significantly less than the median.  


Remember Glenwood Springs’ Valley View Hospital says it’s opened a retail pharmacy right in its building. The hospital says the idea is to help patients learn how to use their prescriptions before ever heading home. The staff can even deliver medicines to a patient’s room before they get discharged. Valley View’s pharmacy’s going to be open from 7 to 5:30 weekdays, and Saturdays 8 to 4.