The victims of Tuesday’s double fatal traffic crash on state Highway 13 near Rifle have been identified by the Coroner’s office. They were 79-year-old Craig resident Dewey Tafoya and 59-year-old Nathan Nazer from Utah. Tafoya had been driving his pickup, when it collided head-on late Tuesday afternoon with the semi Nazer was driving. Usually in such collisions, the driver of the semi, a much larger vehicle than a passenger car or truck survives. But not this time. Both men’s bodies were autopsied Wednesday, both showing too many chest, head, and neck injuries from the crash impact to survive. Another unusual factor– the state patrol says its vehicle crimes unit is still investigating that wreck.   


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The Broncos– those big hulking icons of American fearlessness… are disappointing hundreds, maybe thousands of their fans up and down the Roaring Fork this weekend. But to be fair, from their viewpoint, getting here from there in the next 24 hours would be a mess. Early Thursday, the team announced that because of the heavy snow that’s hit much of the state but not us, they won’t be making their planned Salute To The Fans Tour stops tomorrow, in Aspen or in Steamboat Springs. Remember most roads west of Denver aren’t dry like Highway 82 this morning… I-70 and many others have seemed to be in mid-January condition the last day or more, as feet of new snow have fallen. And of course the team, the cheerleaders, and Miles The Mascot would have to drive through all that just to get to our mostly-dry valley. So, they’ve told Aspen officials they’re not coming to Gondola Plaza. One team official says, however, they might be able to reschedule for sometime this summer. We’ll let you know if that happens.  


In Rifle, that community’s 21st Rendevous Festival got underway last night. There’s rodeo, carnival rides, fair food, all that kind of stuff. Some organizers say they change it up a little every year. This time around there’ll be mud trucks, a beer garden, and some live music too. The event’s also going on this year during National Police Memorial Week, so there are numerous events honoring those who’ve been killed in the line of duty over the decades.


And in Glenwood Springs, the people have spoken– and written it down, and turned it in. The Post-Independent announced the winners of its 2017 Locals’ Choice Awards last night, in 98 categories, where the citizens choose what or whom they think are the best of the best… ​


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Post-Independent Publisher & Editor Randy Essex says the complete list, probably including someone you know or somewhere you go, is out there in the boxes for you right now…


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Randy says the awards came out earlier this year than in the past, when it’s usually been during the Strawberry Days Festival in June. But, he notes, a lot of the businesses win like to put their certificates in the window, which can lead to a boost in business, so why not start boosting now. Again this year’s Locals’ Choice Awards are in a special section of today’s Post-Independent.


And tomorrow evening, head for Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House, for an encore performance of the 5Point adventure film festival that took place in Carbondale last month. Enjoy, or enjoy again, about 9 of the excellent short films that screened there! Tickets 22 dollars each at wheeler opera house dot com, and the 5 Point FilmFest encore begins at 6:00 tomorrow night!