New Rock & Roll Hall of Famers ELO sang it back in the ‘70’s—“there’s gonna be a Showdown…” And it looks like it’s coming over what some these days derisively call “Sanctuary.” Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo has been told by the Denver Immigration & Customs Enforcement, or ICE, office, that next week may not be the most pleasant for him. Word is the Trump administration’s Homeland Security department will try next week to lean on the county, for its stance against going after Latino residents seeking details on their immigration statuses, in order to deport any undocumented locals. DiSalvo declines to back down. He says he doesn’t like the feds bullying this community, trying to get Pitkin to in his words “succumb to their morality.” Boulder and 3 other Colorado counties are, as the Aspen Times reports, also on a list of “noncompliant” departments, refusing to go along with new standards set out by President Trump and Attorney General Jefferson Sessions. Apparently DC doesn’t know that all 64 Colorado counties, not just 5, refuse to detain illegal immigrants without an arrest warrant that a judge has signed. DHS will threaten to withhold grant money from the county, according to a Monday memo DiSalvo says he got from Sessions. The sheriff notes his department gets a whopping $6000 a year, so Washington can keep that. When the county commissioners passed a resolution late last month saying DiSalvo’s department won’t arrest anyone based only on immigration status, and no county employee would do the work of a federal immigration officer, Commissioner Steve Child pronounced that one of the most important resolutions the county has ever approved. Oh, and DHS might have a problem finding any law enforcers, not just Pitkin, to go after locals around here for immigration, because all departments up and down the valley have joined in the same anti-ICE stance.
That new “Haunted Mine Drop” ride is actually going into the ground atop Iron Mountain this week, at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. While it won’t be ready when the park cranks up the summer season this Memorial Day weekend, General Manager Nancy Heard tells KSNO it should be ready by the 4th of July holiday. How’d it come about? Heard says the staff went on retreat, and park owner Steve Beckley asked them to come up with what new stuff they wanted 


You’ll hear more about the Haunted Mine Drop, and a whole lot more going on at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, tomorrow morning. That’s when Nancy joins us as the latest No-Pay Guest DJ, filling us in and playing her or her friends’ favorite tunes. Nancy Heard of the Adventure Park, your No-Pay Guest DJ, tomorrow morning just after the news at 8, only on KSNO, The Mammoth.


Word is they’re actually talking now in Aspen, after having been at loggerheads for some time. The Aspen Daily News reports 2 groups who want to develop 2 hotels, the “Gorsuch Haus” and the “Lift 1 Lodge,” separately at the west side of Aspen Mountain, sat down to chat this week with a town consultant, the Aspen Skiing Company, and the city, about potential plans. Council had granted Lift 1 a year-long extension of the development rights it’s already held for 6 years. If the 2 hotels and/or timeshares are built, each wants a new Lift 1A base to be on its property. Gorsuch Haus would be the more uphill of the two, near where the 45-year-old 1A starts now. Lift One Lodge would be lower, and would want the base of the lift moved downhill. Many locals have expressed concern for years that wherever a new Lift 1A starts, it wouldn’t be accessible to the public– both locals and those guests not staying at the 2 specific properties. Aspen Skiing Company’s had Forest Service approval for the new lift for years, but plans not to install it until the lodging issue is settled. And the International Ski Federation put the hammer down after March’s World Cup Finals- saying Aspen will never land another Cup race until the antiquated current lift is replaced. But they’re talking… the hope of many is, that’s something.


And talk in Basalt about that controversial idea of spending 3 million dollars on 2.3 vacant acres for a park, when few people go to its current parks, has stopped for the moment. The economic analysis of that potential purchase that’s been rejected by voters isn’t happening either. Turns out Basalt’s out of money– with a $400,000 shortfall cropping up on its Highway 82 underpass, apparently due to an accounting error. Council and the acting town manager, only in place until Ryan Mahoney takes over late next month, seem to be doing all they can to come up with money from various sources to make that purchase happen, despite the will of the people in 2 votes last fall. While that cash is sought, the council’s already planning to turn an acre of former mobile home park land it already owns into additional park land. That piece could be finished early in the summer.