The first dedicated Aikido dojo in the Roaring Fork Valley is set to open on June 10th.  Roaring Fork Aikikai ( has numerous events planned for Saturday June 10th at their dojo at 2553 Dolores Way in Carbondale.
Aikido, which means “Way of Peace”,  is a radical departure from traditional martial arts.  Its founder called it a spiritual martial art, focused on perfecting the human spirit rather than injuring or killing an opponent.  Adapted from powerful traditional Japanese martial arts techniques, aikido allows the practitioner to execute powerful responses to any attack, taking the opponent’s center and controlling him without causing injury.
Incorporated as a non-profit entity, Roaring Fork Aikikai provides classes for men, women and children, and provides scholarship programs to ensure access to aikido training to disadvantaged men, women and children in our valley.
Mike Jones, 3rd degree black belt and our chief instructor, has dedicated his professional career to the practice of aikido, having served as live-in practitioner (uchi-deshi) and dojo manager at the US headquarters, New York Aikikai, for over 8 years, before he moved to Colorado.  He is exceptionally well-respected in the martial arts world for his skills as both an aikido student and teacher, and his YouTube teaching series is avidly studied and shared throughout the world (