The man who died Sunday morning falling off the “Knife’s Edge” as he hiked up 14,000-foot Capitol Peak is reported by the Aspen Daily News to have been a 35-year-old from the front range.  No official ID’s been made yet, as authorities work to notify the man’s next of kin.  His body was spotted in a very inaccessible gully after a fall of some 200 feet, according to Pitkin County Sheriff’s officials.  Rescuers could tell he was dead when they found the remains.  Authorities don’t plan to try to retrieve the body until weather near Capitol clears…  today at the earliest, but more likely tomorrow.  That man’s the 2nd person to die trying to scale Capitol Peak in the last month.
There was another tragic climbing incident Sunday, this in the early evening on the front range.  Boulder County got the call from another hiker just before 6 Sunday night, reporting a fallen climber near the bottom of the First Flatiron.  The location was just above the Blue Bell Shelter that’s in Chatauqua Park.  Wilderness First Responders and another nearby hiker found the 17 or 18 year old who’d been free climbing alone when he fell.  No one saw the actual fall, but some hikers heard the impact.  When the teen was found, he wasn’t breathing, and they couldn’t find a pulse.  Again that young man won’t be publicly named until his family’s been
And Monday was busy too for Mountain Rescue Aspen.  Its volunteers were looking for a 57-year-old woman who’d been reported overdue Sunday by her family…  she was about 2 days behind schedule by Monday afternoon.  Complicating that search, the son who reported her missing wasn’t sure if she’d been hiking one of the Maroon Bells or Pyramid Peak.  While searching for her, a crew came across a 22-year-old man with a broken ankle.  He had to be carried out of the wilderness to get treated for that.  And of course all that was going on as Mountain Rescue was planning just how it was going to get the body of that 35-year-old we told you about a moment ago, off Capitol Peak.
Later this week, one of President Trump’s close friends, Thomas Barrack, will try to explain the chief executive’s vision for the nation to an Aspen Institute crowd in one of the wealthiest yet most Democratic counties in America.  Barrack will make his appearance Thursday evening at 5:30, as part of the Institute’s McCloskey Speaker Series in Paepcke Auditorium.  Tomorrow, a day in advance of his talk, there’ll be a demonstration against Barrack’s appearance at 11:45 in Paepcke Park on Main Street.  
That proposal we mentioned last week that’s reportedly been talked about off & on most of the last 15 years, is apparently alive.  It’s called the South Bridge Project, suggesting to tunnel underneath Glenwood’s small general aviation airport runway to create a link between Airport Road and Highway 82.  It’s been estimated to cost some $45 million if built.  No word how that would be financed.  Glenwood Springs’ city engineer claims there’s federal cash left over from a dozen years ago that could help pay for about a third of the design process.  City Council’s in favor of moving forward, looking toward getting a design and figuring how much land will be needed as far as rights of way for the potential road.  Some landowners expressed concern at a public meeting last week over what the impact would be on their properties.  The engineers say that’ll be covered as design moves ahead.  Also discussed a bit at that meeting, the actual future of that airport.
Aspen’s finance officials say the numbers are looking good…  retailers in the city sold about 2% more in June than they did in June of last year.  That translated to nearly $61 million worth of revenue, and about $1.3 million in sales tax collections.  A couple of the best gains in product categories in June came with lodging, where 6% more money came in 2 months ago than in June 2016, food & beverage, 4% higher…  liquor & pot, selling 10 percent more than in June last year, and one of Aspen’s keys, luxury purchases, showed 29% growth this June over last.  And the first half of the year looked good too…  the city totally nearly $356 million in sales, 3% more than in the first 6 months