The man Gillian sat down with Thursday night in Paepcke Auditorium was indeed excited–  Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, also a past Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was the Hurst Lecture Series guest of the Aspen Institute.  McAuliffe energetically expressed his thoughts on a variety of issues.  One of the biggest for him, as Gillian mentioned…  gerrymandered Congressional district lines, designed to artificially create election wins.  He says Republicans have gotten a lot of those lines drawn their way in recent years, and McAuliffe wants his own party to start taking action, or they’re going to get left way behind.

McAuliffe also expressed strong views on issues including voter suppression, the gun show loophole, and the need for his own party to really get its act together, for 2018 & 2020.  And about that latter year, McAuliffe dodged the question about whether he might run for President, hesitating and stumbling a bit before saying he just wants to finish strong in this, his final year as Governor of Virginia.

Wanted for a serious hit & run crash last Sunday night, a guy Glenwood Springs Police are very familiar with–  Louis Alberto Quezada-Cruz.  The 30-year-old is suspected of causing a head-on crash on US 6 in West Glenwood.  Police say he’s committed numerous crimes in recent years including drunk driving, and he’s been deported from the US many times.  The wreck a pickup driver believed to be Quezada-Cruz ran away from sent a young man and woman from the other car, a Hyundai, to the hospital with traumatic injuries.  Quezada-Cruz is charged with felony vehicular assault and causing an accident involving injury, plus misdemeanors that include driving on a canceled license, not having insurance, and reckless driving.  If you know anything about where Louis Alberto Quezada-Cruz may be, call the Glenwood Springs Police at 384-6500.

That’s a massive theft…  how did no one see or hear anything going on?  The Basalt Bike & Ski store, that just got its signs up a few weeks ago at the intersection of Highway 133 and Dolores in Carbondale, was robbed, apparently one night last week, of 7 top-dollar bicycles worth some $62,000.  Store managers say they found those bikes missing last Saturday morning.  They say it appeared the door there had been pried open.  No leads in the case so far, but if you have any info that might help law enforcers solve it, call the Carbondale police.  Their number’s 963-2662.

More details in our extended bridge update in a few minutes, but in advance of the final closure of Glenwood Springs’ existing Grand Avenue Bridge, next week is going become a difficult time to get around.  A few big things you might not be aware of yet…  Since crews are still putting new concrete water pipe sections into the ground under the streets, 8th Street from Grand Avenue to Colorado, Colorado from 8th to 9th, and 9th from Grand to Colorado will all be closed. 8th between Cooper and Grand is closed now, and will be all week through next Friday the 11th.  Take note of THESE shutdowns–  Devereux Road and Midland Avenue will both be in alternating 1-lane configurations…  I-70 will be down to 1 lane each direction between Exits 114 West Glenwood, and the main Glenwood exit, 116.  Grand Avenue Highway 82 will be only 1 lane each way from 27th Street to 8th, and 6th Street will be down to 1 lane each way.  So, a big mess in advance of the closure and detour…  and I’ll repeat all that and more in our bridge update in a few moments.