42-year-old James Shannon’s in the Garfield County Jail, so no need for more worry in Parachute.  He was arrested after a short search Wednesday night.  Citizens were urged to stay in their homes, after a man was reported stabbed on a local street.  That victim had to be airlifted to the hospital, but he was able to tell police who the suspect was.  Shannon was tracked down about 2 hours later by Parachute Police and taken to jail.   He’s charged with 1st degree assault.  No word yet on what might’ve motivated
More from the crime blotter–  this way upvalley…  The Aspen Daily News reports 30-year-old local Benjamin Levy is accused of felony vehicular assault.  That, after he lost control of the scooter he was driving last weekend, crashing it and severely injuring the passenger who’d been on the back, a woman who claims to be his roommate.  Levy could have a felony drunk driving charge in his future, too…  he has 3 previous DUI convictions and his blood alcohol level was reportedly just over the threshold, at .086.  Wednesday was the first day of a new law making a felony charge and 90 days in jail automatic for 4-time drunk drivers, but it probably doesn’t apply since this incident happened last Saturday.  Police say Levy also tested positive for pot.  The woman broke her left wrist and suffered a severe cut to her left leg in the wreck.  Officers say when they got to the scene, Levy strongly smelled of alcohol.  You can see his mug shot and read more details at aspen daily news dot com.  You’ll see Levy managed to smash his own face pretty badly in this crash, too.  He’s also reportedly got a long record of similar traffic incidents, plus gun violations.
Carbondale’s board of trustees has replaced Katrina Byars, who moved to Glenwood Springs, with Luis Yllanes.  He was appointed Tuesday.  Many locals had called for a Latino to fill the opening, since there is significant diversity in the local population.  Yllanes is of Peruvian descent, and spent most of his life in south Florida, the Miami area.  He’s lived in town about 2 years, the Roaring Fork Valley for 8.  Addressing the racial issue, Yllanes says he recognizes that despite the diversity, the town remains largely segregated.  He hopes to help improve those relations.  Also significant in Carbondale, the arts community.  Trustee Luis has worked in that field for 2 decades.  His job, the Aspen Art Museum’s director of exhibitions, registration, and installation.  He calls himself a good listener, and an even-tempered problem solver.  He found the other applicants in the field very qualified…  the rest of the board found him the most qualified.  Luis Yllanes, your newest Carbondale Trustee.
Some local jurisdictions don’t like e-bikes, but some are OK with them, so yes there are some places you’ll be able to use yours during the Grand Avenue Bridge detour that starts Sunday night/Monday morning.  The RFTA board says this week it’ll allow Class 1 & 2 e-bikes on the Rio Grande Trail, from Glenwood Springs to the Catherine Store Road gate after the existing Grand Avenue Bridge closes for the last time Sunday night.  Class 3 e-bikes are banned, because they can get to speeds of almost 30 miles an hour…  1’s and 2’s top out at 20, and that’s the Rio Grande’s speed limit.  As we said, other communities have taken a dimmer view–  Pitkin County has banned e-bikes of any engine size from the trails it manages, including the Rio Grande from Aspen to Emma.  State law officially calls them “non-motorized,” and allows them everywhere, but lets local communities set their own rules.
The Aspen Skiing Company’s season ski pass prices are out for 2017 & 18.  If you get them right away when they go on sale Monday, until September 15th, you’ll get the lowest prices, but they’ll still be 20 to 50 dollars higher than last year.  The unlimited Premier Pass will go for $1849, but if you get a discount from your chamber of commerce, you’ll save $500 until mid-September.  You’ll pay hundreds more for any of the passes after September 15th, still more after November 10th.  Aspen Mountain and Snowmass currently plan to open on Thanksgiving, November 23rd.  Buttermilk and Highlands, December 9th.
Do we seem disturbingly calm before the storm of the final Grand Avenue Bridge closure, Sunday night/Monday morning?  Well, we’ve brought you a lot of information for many months, much of it you can still hear on our Community Desk as it rotates through today and over the weekend.  I’ll have bridge updates for you including the coming river closures in just a few moments and again after the 5:00 news this afternoon…  and we’ll be out there Monday morning for a full news conference and a look at how the first few hours have been going.  Get in those car or van pools, get on that bus, ride that bike or e-bike, and hey, by the 1st day you can use that more-expensive ski pass, you’ll really have something to be thankful for!  
And right after this new at 8, it’s FUN!  Our No-Pay Guest DJ show, with President Deborah Breen of the Aspen Valley Hospital Foundation!  She’ll be playing her favorites, and talking polo!  The foundation’s big fundraiser is on tap Sunday!  So stick with us right after the news at 8, here on