Following her book signing and speech at the Ann Korologos Art Gallery in Basalt Wednesday, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright offered KSNO her opinions of events the last few days.  Albright says we’re living in “a very complicated time,” regarding President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un lobbing verbal bombs at each other, each man appearing to threaten nuclear war.  Albright, who dealt with Kim’s father when she was Secretary, warns that the US needs to “be careful,” and the country’s contending with a “very difficult person” in the youngest Kim.  Albright says she’s confident, however, in the Generals surrounding President Trump–  Chief of Staff John Kelly, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, and Defense Secretary James Mattis.  She hopes their experience will guide the President’s actions on North Korea.  Albright would like to see a “whole government” approach to North Korea, involving diplomatic talks and the help of America’s regional allies like Japan and Australia.

Albright’s host, gallery owner and Reagan Administration Labor Secretary Ann Korologos, says the 2 women are good friends, despite coming from different political parties.  We asked Korologos whether President Reagan or his Chief of Staff James Baker would’ve tolerated even for a moment, the variety of dysfunctional behavior that’s been seen at the White House so far this year…

As far as why they’re here, now…  Korologos recently told KSNO she and her husband Tom moved to Basalt years ago to have some acreage on which to raise horses, and to be in the valley but without all the trappings of Aspen.

The body of that 35-year-old hiker who fell to his death while ascending Capitol Peak Sunday, Jeremy Shull of Parker, was recovered Wednesday by Mountain Rescue Aspen and the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office.  The operation took some 9 hours, using a helicopter, additional rescuers from as far away as Montrose, Sheriff’s staff, and Mountain Rescue volunteers.  The operation was so difficult, and delayed several days after Shull’s fatal fall, because he’d fallen into a very inaccessible area, a crevasse on the mountain.

Shull died early Sunday morning.  Late that afternoon, an 18-year-old Minnesota man, Carter Christensen of Maple Grove, was killed by a fall after summiting Boulder’s First Flatiron, above the city’s Chautauqua Park.  His parents say Carter had come to Colorado to be in a place he loved for the summer, as he trained for enrollment in the Navy Seals.  Christensen reportedly had no special climbing safety equipment with him–  he’d been “free climbing.”  He posted a photo from the top of the mountain on social media moments before his fall.

And more in my bridge report in a few moments, but a key part of driving life in Glenwood Springs that’ll be sticking with you throughout the 3-month detour will be the “squareabout.”  It takes effect today, and is in fact operating now.  Essentially, traffic heading north into Glenwood on Highway 82 goes a block farther north to turn left and get over to Midland Avenue, while vehicles heading south from Midland go to another block to turn onto Grand Avenue, Highway 82.  As you’ll hear on our Community Desk with CDOT Engineer Graham Riddile, separating the 2 routes’ traffic had to be done to prevent the biggest vehicles from crashing into each other on tight turns.