The state’s newest wildfire, the Tenderfoot 2 fire, that started late Monday afternoon in Summit County near Dillon, has seen lots of progress made Tuesday.  The fire did expand a bit to 25 acres, but there were constant air drops of retardant and water from the lake onto the flames throughout the day.  And fire crews said it was really lucky that the anticipated gusty winds didn’t crop up Tuesday after all.  That really allowed the improvement in the fire prognosis.  The Corinthian Hills and Oro Grande neighborhoods are still being closely watched, but even now, some 36 hours after the fire was first reported, there’ve been no evacuations, because the fire’s moving very slowly away from any nearby homes, not toward them.

We’ve told you before, and so has Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson…  DON’T try taking Blake Avenue to try and get around the Grand Avenue Bridge detour.  It won’t make your journey any shorter, and will probably make it a lot longer.  Way too many people are trying that, getting stuck in backups in that residential area.  Now, the police are going to start stopping traffic at 8th & Cooper, to keep bus traffic running smoothly.  That’ll slow you down even more, so really it’s not a good idea. Stay off Blake unless you live there, or are going to Valley View Hospital, is the general advice.  Authorities continue to say, please stay on Grand Avenue, the detour route. That’ll be your most efficient way through Glenwood the next 2 months.  And you’re already in the 6th week, with the construction work said to be pretty much on schedule.

And remember, also connected to the bridge project, the eastbound on-ramp to I-70 at the main Glenwood Springs exit, Number 116, will be closed today through the end of this month, as that ramp’s re-paved and re-worked.  So starting today, plan to use West Glenwood exit 114 to get on the interstate.

Congressman Scott Tipton addressed the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association Monday, saying he sees President Trump’s proposed elimination of the DACA, or Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program, as something that can be done with in his words, “compassion.”  Tipton’s talking about the potential deportation of DACA recipients to “home” countries they’ve never lived in, after those mostly young people were brought to the US illegally as children.  The President says he might act on his own in 6 months, if Congress chooses to do nothing to give DACA the force of law.

Carbondale currently has a maximum of 5 marijuana shops that can legally be open in town, but some trustees are thinking of scrapping that rule and opening Carbondale to more.  4 businesses are currently selling legal pot there, and 1 application is pending.  Apparently there’s a glitch in local laws, which are currently set to allow someone to sell a pot store license for big money.

And remember to join us in Carbondale later today for the annual Business Conference.  As many as 100 including the Mammoth will be there, and you’re invited too.  Tickets available through Carbondale dot com, or at the door.  Doors open at 11:30 this morning.