If you noticed there wasn’t anyone coming into Glenwood Springs from the east on I-70 Monday afternoon, there was a good reason for that…  the westbound lanes were closed, beginning about 1:30.  That, after a livestock hauler truck carrying about 100 pigs lost control and rolled over, near mile marker 117.5, only about a mile and a half from the main Glenwood exit…

Tracy Trulove, speaking for CDOT Region 3.  She says the truck driver was taken to Glenwood’s Valley View Hospital for treatment of his injuries, but their extent isn’t known.  Only about 5 of the pigs died or had to be euthanized.  The healthy ones were loaded onto another livestock hauler, and resumed their journey.  Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson says 1 westbound lane was open a little before 7 last night with the truck back on its wheels, and it was then hauled away.  The 2nd lane reopened shortly after that, about 6 hours after the initial

The 2 Rivers Drug Enforcement Team, or TRIDENT, chaired by Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario, has recently made a couple major drug suspect roundups, both resulting from months-long investigations stretching back to 2015.  Both had TRIDENT working with city, county, state, and federal law enforcers to get their suspects.  The smaller case had officers making about 15 controlled undercover drug buys.  8 suspects have been arrested, and large quantities of cocaine, LSD, and meth seized, around Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.  2 suspects also came from Basalt and Rifle to sell drugs to buyers they didn’t realize were cops.  In the other case, it was a probe nearly 2 years long, that TRIDENT says netted 15 suspects, more than 330 grams of cocaine, over 6 kilos of meth, 7 grams heroin, 3 long guns and more than $21,000 in cash.  Each suspect already had a lengthy criminal record, and faces multiple felony charges.

The latest wildfire headlines from the White River National Forest show the Himes Creek fire at about 112 acres, with 85% containment achieved, and “mop-up” operations getting started.  Firefighters there will be looking to cool off any remaining hotspots.  And an update on the “South Fork” fire…  it’s tiny, at only about 3 tenths of an acre, burning on a steep north-facing slope in a remote area of the Flat Tops Wilderness.  Firefighters say it would be really hard to safely get to the scene, and the small fire’s not threatening any roads or buildings, so they’re letting it burn, but monitoring the situation.

An organization called the ETC Institute recently conducted a community survey for Snowmass Village, and the company’s now brought town council the results.  ETC’s Jason Morado says local residents have, in his words, a “very very positive perception of the town.”  He added that locals’ overall satisfaction with town services is much higher than in most other places his company looks at.  This year, survey responses were sought in July and August, 891 residents answering.  A couple of the key numbers–  on overall quality of services provided, 76% said they were satisfied, a figure 27% above the national average.  91% of Snowmass Village residents also like how snow is removed, 89% are pleased with the quality of life, and 95% say they feel safe.