It’s back… after not getting built when the recession hit in the fall of 2008 and continued into ’09, Basalt town council has given new life to what’s been called the “Stott’s Mill” housing development. The 113-unit plan got first-reading approval last night, and will be up its final OK on the 26th. Before its first round of approvals nearly a decade ago, the project had gone through 5 years of “pre-applications” and reviews. Some councilmembers even wanted a delay last night to get more info… That was rejected. The potential location, just north of Basalt High School, east of Southside Drive.

31-year-old New Castle resident Jeffrey Burk is accused of serious crimes, for that fatal crash alongside I-70 last month. Investigation shows his pickup accelerated to 104 miles an hour, and was going that speed when it blasted the pulled-over car of schoolteacher Shaw Lewis and killed him instantly. The impact also injured the state trooper who’d been talking to Lewis. Burk’s accused of multiple crimes, including the felonies manslaughter & 2nd-degree assault, and also charged with lying about having a seizure disorder. Garfield County says Burk kept driving when he wasn’t supposed to have a license, after causing an injury crash in Vail last year. He told police then he’d had a seizure at the wheel. He’s known to have a form of epilepsy, but investigators say he denied it when renewing online. Burk also told police last month he’d felt a seizure coming on just before the crash that killed Lewis.

The 2 Rivers Drug Enforcement Team, or TRIDENT, chaired by Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario, has made a couple major drug suspect roundups, both resulting from months-long investigations. Both had TRIDENT working with city, county, state, and federal law enforcers to get their suspects. The smaller case saw 8 arrests, and large quantities of cocaine, LSD, and meth seized, around Glenwood Springs and Carbondale. The other case was a probe nearly 2 years long, that TRIDENT says netted 15 suspects, over 6 kilos of meth, large quantities of heroin and cocaine, 3 long guns and more than $21,000 in cash. Each suspect has a lengthy criminal record, and faces multiple felony charges. 2 of the suspects in that case are accused of federal crimes, leaving a total of 21 people in the 2 investigations up on state charges.

Some 80 volunteers from various groups showed up last weekend to show some love to Hanging Lake. The site was closed to visitors so those folks could help spruce the popular site up a bit. Many were from the front range, and they worked together with locals and the US Forest Service to improve the site, and especially the Hanging Lake Trail, that have gotten so much use and visitation in recent years. About the newly proposed management plan for Hanging Lake that’ll feature reservations and a shuttle system, forest officials say that’ll help shape how they run things regarding all recreation in the entire Glenwood Canyon area in years to come.

High school sports last night– it was a full Big House at Basalt High, for the rivalry volleyball match between the Longhorns and the Roaring Fork Rams. And the Horns dominated the Rams, jumping out quickly to big leads in each of the first 2 games, then putting in younger players who made things a little closer in the 3rd, but still stayed in command. Basalt takes the match 3 games to none– 25-14, 25-13, 25-17, for the win. Next for the Longhorns, Rifle on Saturday, then Lake County at Leadville Monday, and a tournament at Moffat County next Wednesday. Hear more about the ‘Horns’ season from their coaches at halftime of the Basalt-Delta football game Friday night, here on the Mammoth, the exclusive Home of the Longhorns.