Please plan ahead at least a bit going into tomorrow, and try even more than the last month and a half, to get through the detour in the afternoon and evening before 7:00 tomorrow night. That’s when, if the weather’s good, and there’s currently only about a 10% chance of rain or snow… CDOT will start bringing in concrete trucks, one after another, for 12 hours into Saturday morning, to do the biggest concrete pour of the project so far. About a thousand cubic yards will be poured over that time, to form the main deck of the new bridge that should open to a lane in each direction next month. But you don’t want to be stuck being there when the operation starts, because it has to be done all on a schedule. Again please leave work early, maybe finally jump onto that RFTA bus you’ve been meaning to, whatever changes you have to make, tomorrow afternoon and evening, to be through the detour before 7:00 for the huge concrete pour. CDOT says, of course, after that they’ll have a better idea just how much progress has been made, and how on schedule the whole project is. Another pour’s anticipated next weekend, but this will be the biggest one of the whole project. We’ll keep you updated as much as possible here on The Mammoth.

Despite what voters said last year, John Fayhee reports in the Aspen Daily News, that Basalt Town Council now seems to really want to spend $3 million taxpayer dollars to buy that 2.3 acres of land that used to be a mobile home park from the group calling itself the Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation. The latest plan to ignore those election results is to get the money from the town’s Parks, Open Space, & Trails budget. Town Manager Ryan Mahoney has told the committee overseeing that fund that in one scenario, the town’s 650,000 per year annual payments for that Highway 82 underpass the next 3 years would become a million a year for 5 years, to pay for 2/3 of the land. Supposedly, those 2/3 of the 2.3 acres would be used for a park, since that budget’s money can only be spent in that way. A company called Lowe Enterprises that wants to buy the property too, hppes to build a big condo-hotel on a chunk of it. Although it was a fairly close vote last year, Basalt residents said they did not want town money spent on buying that property.

The US Ski Team has announced, and it was no joke… that it has in fact made a proposal to the International Ski Federation in Zurich, seeking to allow races between Vail resident and Olympic and World Cup Champ Lindsey Vonn, and men. The proposal got a preliminary review this week. It’s aimed at having such events sometime during the 2018 & 19 season. The US officials say it’s a first step toward a new event that can help showcase and promote ski racing. Word is several members of the FIS executive board are already leaning in favor. However, since it’s not hugely time sensitive, the panel decided to table action on the idea until after the coming season, and will take up the proposal again when it meets next May. The Americans say they’re pretty pleased at the early reception to the idea. It would be a one-time exception for Vonn, the winningest woman in the half-century history of World Cup racing. Progress has been made, because only 5 years ago, the idea was rejected out of hand.

The Aspen Filmfest continues its 39th annual event later today, with movies through Sunday at the Wheeler and at the Isis Theater in Aspen, as well as at the Crystal Theater in Carbondale. You can see “Wasted- The story of food waste, at noon today at the Isis… there’s also the last film Harry Dean Stanton made before he died-“Lucky,” plus “The Desert Bride,” and “Lady Bird,” all today and tonight at the Isis! Check these and the rest of the lineup out, at aspen film dot org.

Remember, tomorrow will be yet another “First Friday” in Carbondale!! The Chamber reminds us of several of the many things going on… like the Farmers’ Market from 5:15 ‘til in the evening, at 4th & Main Street. Roaring Gardens, Nieslanik Beef, Two Roots Farm, and a lot more will be represented… they ask you to bring your cash and your reusable bags to haul away all the good deals you’ll be getting. And from 6 til 8 tomorrow night at the Launchpad, it’ll be music and education with a traveling band. Check out these events and everything happening on tomorrow’s First Friday, at Carbondale dot com.