Numerous criminal charges have been lodged in Aspen against 35-year-old Morrison resident Robert Lindgren Junior.  He’s the guy who’s alleged to have fired a shot through the glass front door of a Main Street apartment building late last Saturday night, around 1:00 Sunday morning.  Police say it happened during an argument with his girlfriend or wife.  Whomever that woman is, she claims Lindgren dropped the gun and it accidentally went off.  Other eyewitnesses, however, say they saw Lindgren extend his arm and intentionally fire, from within the couple’s camper.  Police testing Lindgren a short time later found he was very intoxicated, with blood alcohol at least twice the DUI level.  He’s charged with the felonies menacing with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief, along with domestic violence, reckless endangerment, prohibited use of a gun,

Remember, as the Post-Independent reports today–  once the new Grand Avenue Bridge opens next month, it’s going to only have 1 lane available in each direction for a while, and you might need to drive the current detour for a while.  CDOT engineers expect the traffic backups you’re experiencing now for at least a few weeks once those first lanes open.  RFTA’s planning to continue some of the special services it’s offering now, at least into December.  CDOT estimates it could be a month or 2 following next month’s initial opening, before all 4 lanes are ready to carry traffic.

And a travel note not related to the bridge project, but I’ll remind you again on our bridge report in a few moments, just to make sure you get to hear it…  If you’re planning to travel through Glenwood Canyon on I-70 today, you’re likely to be delayed.  The weather wasn’t good enough to allow this work to be done Monday, so CDOT says it’ll happen today, from 9 ‘til 3.  Look for traffic to be stopped in both directions for half an hour at a time, as helicopters are used to repair the rockfall fencing at the top of the canyon.  Some of those fences were damaged during the big rockfall of early 2016 that closed the canyon for more than a week.  CDOT notes the work has to be done before winter fully moves in.  They know it’ll inconvenience some drivers, but it needs to be done for everyone’s safety.

Carbondale’s town council, or board of trustees, will take a look just after 7 tonight at shutting down a local pot business.  It doesn’t directly sell marijuana, but Laughing Dog Group infuses various products with pot, one of 3 companies that does that in Carbondale.  Neighbors have complained about a foul odor for more than a year, and the town’s said to have repeatedly asked the firm to do something about it, but there haven’t been any apparent changes, so the company’s permit is up for revocation.  Owner Steve Garcia has reportedly refused to submit any information or defense of his business for council to consider.  He may address council tonight, however.

The Willits Town Center said several months ago its commercial spaces were still 25 percent empty after being open for several years.  Now, the Aspen Times reports the complex may try to convert some of those areas originally meant to house businesses, to house people.  Development company Mariner Real Estate has applied to the town of Basalt to transfer some of its commercial approvals to residential use.  The company says it doesn’t want to add to its allowed square footage, though.