No word yet on just what started the fire at a house on Silt Mesa Wednesday, but the family of 4 who used to live there are fine, being taken care of by the Red Cross. Only 1 of them was home when the flames began in a shop next to the house. 2 engines and 16 firefighters from Colorado River Fire Rescue answered the call there, but the house was still a total loss. The fire department and the Garfield County Sheriff’s office are investigating, but that fire’s not believed to be suspicious.

Everything must go! What was the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts is selling off its costumes, art supplies, and office supplies this weekend. It’s another piece of the dissolution of the Center, after financial problems cropped up and the former director suddenly resigned last spring. There’s still a DA’s investigation going on, of allegedly questionable spending over a period of years. The center’s board, overseeing its shutdown, hopes to get all moved out of its space near the Yampah Vapor Caves by the end of the month, Halloween. It has permission to stick around ‘til the end of the year, but the members say they want to try to pay off some of the debts that’ve been rung up, and move forward. The big sale goes on 5:00 til 8 this evening, and 10 to 2 tomorrow, at 60 East 6th Street.

In the wake of the arts center situation, Glenwood Springs officials may spend as much as $360,000 in 2018 to cover, fill in, or replace many of the programs it used to run. No locals made public comments at a city budget hearing Thursday night, but a $16,000,000 city budget for 2018 is due to be adopted by council, early next month. The city’s ending the $50,000 a year annual payment for the salary of an executive director, but council’s lining things up for the city to take over arts programming, funneling that through the recreation department. An events coordinator’s due to be hired, at a nearly $60,000 salary. Glenwood’s also expected to set up a new arts & culture advisory board, according to the Post-Independent. Dance, pottery, painting, and more are expected to be included in that new range of programs, and the city says the emphasis will be on “new.”

Pitkin County officials are urging residents and those who do business in Aspen’s Airport Business Center area NOT to leave any food in your car, and to always lock it when you go into the office, house, shopping, or whatever. A couple bears have been seen often, daily to some folks, around the business center for the last month or so. The next vehicle they go foraging in could be yours. And with those 2 bruins, a cinnamon-colored one and a darker one, roaming around, the county also reminds you to keep your windows and doors locked at home, too. Yes, they can open your unlocked door, despite not having thumbs. Aspen officials have had at least 77 bear-related calls since the first of this month. At the end of September, they’d had to kill at least 18 of the animals. They’ll start hibernating for the winter soon, but not yet.

And the calendar’s ticking louder… Justice Snow’s restaurant & bar at the Wheeler Opera House has till the end of business Monday to pay its back rent of more than $40,000 and take a new plan for the business to city council as to how it’s going to move forward, or risk disappearing. Owner Michelle Kiley claims investors are ready to pay the rent, but may be hesitating due to uncertainties in the lease with the city. Without that payment though, city council says the lease won’t be renewed. That vote could come either Monday or Tuesday.

You should join KSNO at the Wheeler tomorrow night, for the 2nd concert from this year’s series of “On The Rise” artists. The band will be the Bumper Jacksons, taking the stage tomorrow night at 7:30. Tickets only $25, less if you’re a Wheeler Wins member. And I’ll have exclusive backstage access to the band, so you can re-live the whole experience when we broadcast the concert Wednesday night at 6, with the members’ comments included. The Bumper Jacksons, “On The Rise” at the Wheeler tomorrow night.