That big drug task force for Garfield County, the Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team or TRIDENT, has been at it again, making another major bust last week.  According to the Post-Independent, the Rifle Police stopped an SUV with 4 men in it but without brake lights last Wednesday, the officer could smell pot as soon as he got out of his car, and sure enough, there were 7 big trash bags full of illegal weed, about 120 pounds worth, in the cargo area.  The driver and 1 of the men wouldn’t talk to the cops, but the other 2 did, saying they’d been hired in California, didn’t know who they’d been working for, and they’d been at a grow site somewhere else in the high country but didn’t know where.  The various suspects’ charges include intent to distribute more than 50 pounds of pot, and cultivation of more than 30 marijuana plants.

That 30-year-old Glenwood hit & run suspect who’s been eluding authorities for a while is now up on charges.  Louis Quezada-Cruz faces 2 felony counts of vehicular assault, and 2 of leaving the scene of an accident.  Authorities say he caused a head-on wreck in West Glenwood back in July, then ran off.  The young couple Quezada-Cruz allegedly slammed into suffered serious injuries and had to be hospitalized.  Quezada-Cruz has been deported from the US several times for crimes including DUI.  He was finally arrested for this one last month in Nebraska.  He’s due in court at Glenwood Springs on the 19th of this monthy.

The International Ski Federation, the FIS, wasn’t kidding after last spring’s World Cup Finals.  There won’t be any more World Cup Racing at Aspen until there’s a new Lift 1A.  And since the disputes over its exact location and which of 2 proposed hotels will be closer to the base of the mountain have raged on for years, don’t hold your breath.  Meantime, Madeleine Osberger reports in the Aspen Daily News that the folks who got Aspen’s last set of women’s races, Killington, Vermont, are killing it as far as ticket sales and excitement.  The resort says it thought it was only going to be lucky enough to have the slalom and GS once, but now they’re confirmed to be there at least twice more.

If you’re planning to visit any of the Aspen schools anytime soon, get ready to jump through a few hoops.  According to the Aspen Times, the district’s launching a new system of “visitor management” today called “Raptor,” just at the elementary school to start.  Visitors will have to produce a state-issued ID, then the system scans it, and compares all your info to a database of sex offenders.  If you pass, the machine makes an ID badge to use during your visit to the school.  The district says that’ll be a lot more secure than the current method, writing your name and license plate number on a piece of paper.  An email to parents said the safety of students and staff is the district’s highest priority.

In Sports—

High school football Friday here on the Mammoth had a lot of folks up and down the valley screaming– for joy, others in frustration, still others silent, with their jaws on the ground not believing what they were seeing.  Basalt thoroughly dominated the previously-unbeaten, 10th-ranked, Aspen squad with a 28 to nothing first half, and a final score of 48 to 22.  Coach Carl Frerichs says after holding Aspen to a 3 & out, then scoring on their own 1st possession, his club caused havoc the 2nd time the Skiers got the ball, and the tone of the night was set…

171009 Frerichs 1 :12 Q:…incredible tonight…

Yes he was…  the senior transfer from Truckee, California ran for 287 yards on the game, and scored 6 of the Longhorns’ 7 touchdowns.  The ‘Horns are now 5 & 1 on the season, 2 & 0 in league play, with another conference opponent on the way to Basalt this week.  Join us for homecoming action as the Longhorns host the Coal Ridge Titans, Friday night starting at 6:45, here on KSNO, the Mammoth.

I’ll have the results from the region’s other games and other sports on our high school sports report, a little after this news at 8 this morning.