As California’s worst wildfires ever continue to decimate wide swaths of the northern part of that state, firefighters from all over the country, including from right around here, have headed west to help. Senator Dianne Feinstein says the golden state’s immensely grateful…

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Several Colorado departments have presences there now, and others gearing up to head there as needed. One of those departing is Aspen. Chief Rick Balentine’s already there, having checked on some friends around the devastated city of Santa Rosa. He’ll be joined in the next couple days by 3 more Aspen volunteers, and an engine they have that’s especially good at battling wildfires. The Aspen crew’s joining with others from Grand County, the LeftHand department at Boulder, Aurora, and Thornton to make the trip. They’re expected to be gone about 2 ½ weeks.

We teased you a little here Monday, mentioning that yes, there’ll be traffic signals at that new 6th & Laurel roundabout, being built in Glenwood Springs as part of the Grand Avenue Bridge project. Those new lights area expected to go up in the next month, along with the final phases of the bridge. The idea will be to smooth out the flow of traffic, between interstate travelers and those who are just driving in town. The design of the roundabout’s intended to separate those 2 kinds of drivers.

And if you’re going to be riding a bike along the new pedestrian bridge that’s become a big hit in Glenwood the last couple months of the detour, some consideration and niceness is being requested. As more and more folks use the bridge, on foot and on wheels, those riding need to exercise normal courtesy, like letting walkers know you’re coming up behind them and on which side (just like on the ski hill), offering the pedestrian the right of way, things like that. The whole idea is to keep everyone safe, with no craziness or obnoxious behavior out there. Even the local group the Glenwood Springs Bicycle Advocates is urging pleasant, civil behavior. They say it’s good for everybody.

The Roaring Fork district schools, with buildings from Glenwood, to Carbondale, to Basalt, are going over some new good news/bad news findings. The state education department’s released the latest C-MAS scores, that students filled out last spring. The figures show a bit of a decline district-wide in English, but improvements in math. And they don’t think it’s a fluke– the same trend showing up in the SAT. The district’s not saying a lot yet, hoping to look in more detail at the results… and they don’t want to overreact.

And in case you missed it– Monday’s a good time to miss stuff… say congratulations if you see her, to Amy Barr, who has a new job. She’s been the leader of the Battlement to the Bells United Way, and is now the newly-installed executive director of Lift-UP, the food bank with a similar range. And Amy will be along to talk about her new gig, and the several she’s had helping folks up & down the valley, as our No-Pay Guest DJ, playing the tunes for you Friday morning at 8, only on The Mammoth!