Be mindful of the massive amounts of traffic that could be seen up and down the valley today, with more than 12,000 skiers and riders coming in. They’ll be celebrating today’s 50th anniversary of the start of the Snowmass ski area, and they paid $6.50, the price that was charged that first season for each lift ticket. Problem with this fall’s extra dry weather… Snowmass only has about 3% of its terrain covered and skiable. Skico says it’s going to trying to direct folks to some of the parties with DJ’s, and other activities as well, letting those visitors know there’s plenty going on, including the new Breathtaker coaster being open now, and with the price of $19 per ride due to change Monday. If you’re planning to check out the festivities, plenty of sunscreen is advised, and try to leave the car at home.

A big rig crashed on Garfield County Road 134 in South Canyon Thursday afternoon as the driver lost control. Authorities say no one got hurt, but the only access to Glenwood Springs’ city landfill got blocked. So this morning, while they’re trying to clear the wreckage of the truck away, keep in mind there won’t be any access to the landfill available. There’s no clear timeframe estimated as to when that work will get done. If you need more info, call 970-945-5375.

As we’ve been hearing about for some time now on the community desk, this will be a great weekend for you to stop by the new Arts Campus at Willits if you haven’t yet. The performance space that’s being called “The Temporary” will be the site of a grand opening celebration tonight and tomorrow, with a Denver-based gypsy jazz band, and bluesman Otis Taylor. In the few months it’s been open, the Temporary’s already hosted some 40 events, with music, drama, standup comedy, pretty much any kind of performance you can think of. Tax-deductible donations are being accepted to help cover the costs of building a big facility, nicknamed for now “The Permanent,” sometime in the next few years. The idea of a performance center there in the mid-valley has been part of the plan for Willits ever since it first went up in the early 90’s, according to arts campus officials.

What’s in stock at your local pot shop, as far as the now-outlawed edibles that look like cartoon characters, or people’s faces? One report this week indicates none of the pot stores in Eagle County are carrying those anymore, which should be the case everywhere else, too. New rules from the state Revenue department have made edibles shaped like cartoon or dramatic characters, animals like gummy bears, or fruit have been banned. The idea is to make legal pot products for adults not enticing to children. The local stores say they haven’t actually had any of those kinds of edibles available most of the year, since they were given a heads-up by the state in advance of the new rules. And despite those regulatory changes, there’s been no decline in demand for either smokable weed, or edible products. Sales are said to still be strong.

And in case you missed it here Thursday morning, the Sunlight Mountain Resort ski area near Glenwood is going to keep working hard and pushing for the next week, to get the mountain open to skiing and riding next Thursday, the 21st. Sunlight’s Troy Hawks tells KSNO crews are putting lots of effort into it, and the parts of the mountain that have snowmaking are being well-covered each night. This fall’s drought has just moved things back a bit, from Sunlight’s original plan to open last week, on the 8th. This morning, you can get a sneak preview right here… when Sunlight’s Kevin Horch will be our No-Pay Guest DJ, right after the news at 8, only on The Mammoth!!