In the item we told you about here 24 hours ago, Aspen City Council went along with the recommendation of Wheeler Opera House Executive Director Gena Buhler. The panel voted 4 to 1 to let Buhler hire a Providence, Rhode Island firm called Professional Facilities Management for help booking a variety of acts into the opera house in the coming year. It’s a 1-year, $100,000 contract with Professional… the same company Buhler used when she ran the Vilar Center at Beaver Creek, before taking over the Wheeler 2 and a half years ago. The decision had been between PFM and the local operations of the BellyUp, which the Wheeler does work with fairly regularly. Both Gena and the BellyUp’s Michael Goldberg say they’ll still be able to work together, and won’t schedule conflicting acts on the same nights in the 2 key venues in Aspen. BellyUp works mostly with musical acts, while the Wheeler books a wider variety including plays, kids’ shows, dance, and magic… and PFM has that kind of experience. And it seems to help that Goldberg’s also worked with PFM in the past. Everyone agrees the goal is to book more entertainment into Aspen. Professional booked the upcoming Aspen Laugh Festival, with stars including Paula Poundstone, Colin Jost, and Tiffany Haddish.

The local Garfield County Energy Board got a bit of a grim outlook at its latest meeting. That’s when an energy analyst broke the news that may not be news throughout that business. That is, not to expect the price of natural gas to go up anytime soon. The analyst says drilling in Garfield, companies will still find gas, but new demand isn’t increasing as much as many would like… that is to say, there’s not enough demand to keep up with the supply. He says that’s not only happening with plentiful natural gas, but also with oil. Demand for it’s going down a bit… That’s the downside of “drill baby drill…” they did during the 8 years before President Trump, and came up with so much oil that the US is now one of the planet’s top oil producers. Again, too much supply, not as much demand, and the price goes down. The word given to the board… that’s probably how it’s gonna be the next few years.

While you’re waiting for oil & gas prices to go up, Garfield County authorities could use a hand in trying to find a woman who’s been missing for 9 years. The Sheriff’s office says it’s reopening the cold case of the disappearance of 53-year-old Ronda Henrichsen back in the summer of 2008. You might’ve known her as someone who’d become a member of the Sikh faith, going by the name Hari Jiwan kaur Khalsa. She’d be 62 years old now… deputies say Khalsa went about 5 feet 9, 140 pounds, and while she had long brown hair that was graying, most people didn’t see her hair, because it was up under her Sikh turban. Khalsa or Henrichsen was last seen at the Glenwood Springs Hostel on Grand. If you have any info on her that pans out, CrimeStoppers is offering a thousand dollar reward. Call in your tips to 945-0101.

The next Democratic candidate for Governor to arrive in the Roaring Fork Valley has been former state Treasurer Cary Kennedy. She was in Glenwood Springs last Friday, pointing out that her financial experience would serve the Governor well. Kennedy adds that the progress Colorado’s made in recent years can be largely credited to the strong state economy. She wants to make sure the progress reaches everyone. She’s one of 9 candidates now hoping to succeed Governor Hickenlooper, when you vote about 11 months from now. There are also 9 Republicans in that party’s primary. Kennedy does say the state should keep leading on climate change, no matter what the President wants. She pledges if she’s elected, Colorado will meet all the goals of the Paris accords. Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron is one of the few local officials who was there for the signing of the agreement.

And something a lot more fun– in case you missed it over the weekend, Skico opened the new “Breathtaker” alpine coaster at Elk Camp on the Snowmass ski area Sunday. It’s 19 dollars a ride, and is open 11 ‘til 3 each day. For now. The price and hours are due to change Monday, since then it’ll be only a week until Christmas.