The exposure of what they were up to, to the public, that is you… seems to have been a problem for the developer company the Woodbridge Group. The Post-Independent reports that firm, whose main mailing address had been its President Robert Shapiro’s Aspen Glen house has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Woodbridge had already shut down an office in Aspen Glen last month, and said any real estate properties it had left would be spread around for listing with local brokers. A couple of those folks and Woodbridge’s so-called “managing partner” in the valley have refused to talk to the paper. The bankruptcy filing says the firmhas some 3 quarters of a billion dollars in debt. In October, state and federal officials announced they were investigating Woodbridge for securities fraud, other crimes, and unsavory business practices.

Too much sun and warm weather, not nearly enough wintry weather. That’s the concern of much of Colorado ski country, this very mild and dry fall that’s been hanging on with next to no natural snow on our hillsides. While some mountains have been able to get small acreages open for the season, it’s not the same as having a whole mountain resort at your disposal. And now some can’t really open much at all. Sunlight Mountain Resort near Glenwood Springs was due to open tomorrow, but without a sudden foot to 2 feet of coverage, it can’t set up any top to bottom skiing or boarding. No good storms in the forecast, either. Of course we’ll keep you up to date on the weather, and on whenever Sunlight may be able to open its well-loved local slopes for the season.

Along that same line, Skico now announces Aspen Highlands won’t be opening this weekend either… it’s been put off until at least the 16th. What will open at Buttermilk this Saturday will only be a limited amount of children’s terrain. At Aspen Mountain and Snowmass, however, the company says it’ll be able to make more acreage available, since this week’s cold temps have been ideal for snowmaking. But, coming up the weekend after this, the 15th thru the 17th, thousands of 6 and a half dollar lift tickets have already been sold to reflect Snowmass’ price when it first opened half a century ago, in December 1967. Skico says it’ll communicate honestly with customers, but if current conditions persist, it’ll be difficult to host that many people pouring in for the day on the 15th.

We’ve told you a couple times about that rock formation hit by lightning last summer near the to0p of Aspen Mountain along the Ute Trail, and the difficulty in getting those boulders stabilized so they don’t keep rolling downhill, damaging homes and potentially hurting you. Now, it looks like Pitkin County’s going to have to spend a lot of money it wasn’t counting on to handle the rock situation there. The county commissioners had budgeted $35,000 to deal with the issue, but now contractors who could do the job are looking for another $89,000 or so on top of that. The county engineer now tells commissioners what they’d been doing, breaking up the rocks with explosives, is now not a workable plan. Apparently helicopters and more expensive gear will now be needed.

And what great news this is for some valley young people! Congratulations to the Spirit Squad at Basalt High School! In recent years they’ve sometimes had trouble attracting enough members… they’ve often had money problems, but in cases like last March they managed to raise cash from the public in order to attend and cheer at big events like the boys’ basketball Great 8. Now, they’ve come so far, that the team’s adult advisors tell the Mammoth, the Basalt spirit team will be on the way to Denver this Saturday, to compete in the state cheer contest!! Basalt will be in the Class 3A Pom division! Best of luck to the Longhorns’ Spirit Squad this weekend!