There used to be absolute restless anticipation when word leaked, usually through a radio station, about a new album coming out from your favorite band or artist.  Things have really changed.  Bands like U2, who while teaming up with Apple two years ago, just magically dropped their album into your computer quite freaky yes, but kinda of nice as well even if it wasn’t as fun as waiting in line at the record store to buy it. Yes kids we used to do that.  Then there was the shenanigans of Arcade Fire who actually created fake news websites deriding the quality of their release. That’s right, they panned their own record online to gain attention. It didn’t sell as well as past records and many blamed the release trick while others argued maybe the fake news site was right and it just wasn’t that good of a record.  That all being said one can still get a little excited about some new music that is in the works and so I thought I’d outline a couple of records I’m looking forward to getting my hands on in the new year.

Jack White Boarding House Reach– By the time we get this release it will be almost 4 years since Lazaretto -an ambitious dive into new rock that highlighted White’s keyboard skills.  For this release, White has teased us with a few internet samples that continue to emphasize some organ and the obligatory guitar licks but we are also are intrigued by his comment in a recent interview in The New Yorker where he said he wanted to write an album like Michael Jackson would. Hmm interesting.

Jimi Hendriz Both Sides of the Sky What I thought he was dead?  He was but the six string master left a litany of music in the closet as they say and in March we should be getting what many are saying is really the last word on Jimi.  The family who has done a masterful job of handling Hendrix’s estate and has done a very good job with all the posthumous releases which I think is close to a mean dozen, promises that this is the best of what’s left. Apparently some top name sidemen kick in their two cents as the album is set to feature partnerships with Stephen Stills (on CSNY’s “Woodstock.”, and the recently departed Johnny Winter. 

David Byrne American Utopia– The name alone gets me juiced. Byrne hasn’t produced a ton of solo material since disbanding the Talking Heads but every one of them has been introspective lyrically and forward gazing musically. He is a master of the studio and recently has had his hand in great albums released by other artists many of whom he apparently called on to help him with this release scheduled for early March.  I bet you can count on St. Vincent and Brian Eno for sure. Byrne says it’s an uplifting record for a down time. Here’s to that.

Rhye Blood– This is the band who you thought had a female lead lead singer but only later realized, nope just a really high voiced male named Mike Milosh.  Their debut Woman was supposed to be the only record from this duo, but the strength of the album encouraged Milosh and his partner Robin Hannibal to try to make a go of it. They have been traveling relentlessly off the success of their initial album and say this record, to be released at the end of February,  was recorded as a live record almost.  Here’s hoping it keeps this band alive for more years to come.