An empty Carbondale mobile home burns down Tuesday afternoon…

The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District was called out a little before 1:00. When firefighters got to the location of a reported structure fire on Garfield County Road 100, they say they found smoke & flames coming from one end of a mobile home. It was about halfway involved, and the crews say they were able to contain the flames to that trailer. The department says while they’re investigating, it looks like the fire was truly accidental. The mobile home no one had been living in is being called a total loss, but the financial amount of that hadn’t been determined as of last night. No one was injured in the fire, or fighting it. The lot the trailer was on is also occupied by the business Ackerman Log Homes, but again the fire was contained only to the mobile home.

There was a pretty bad-looking traffic crash on Highway 82 near Lazy Glen early Monday, but it seems to have looked a lot worse than it could’ve been. One victim, a 24-year-old woman, had to be cut out of the wreckage of her Jeep, that had collided with a pickup driven by a 40-year-old man. The woman was sent to a hospital, suffering only moderate injuries, according to first responders at the scene. The man appeared to be unhurt. It happened about 8:30 Monday morning, and while there was a bit of a slowdown, the highway didn’t have to be closed to traffic. The first responders noted that the woman had been wise to be wearing her seat belt. That’s how she got extricated, yet only moderately hurt, not more severely injured or dead. Remember to always use your seat belt too, for exactly that reason.

The Aspen Times reports the candidates for Basalt Town Council appeared Monday evening to be pretty much in agreement on some issues– one notable one the situation over that 2.3 acre property that used to be a mobile home park. The 5 are all said to have expressed the hope the recent announcement of a deal could finally move it off the town agenda. A group headed by the Willits Town Center’s Tim Belinski has reportedly proposed buying the so-called “Pan & Fork” property for about the same $3 million the “Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation” had wanted to sell it to the town for. That corporation had threatened to sue the town for holding off on buying the land. If you missed the forum, you’ll be able to see it on GrassRoots TV.

51-year-old homeless local Jeffrey Sween has a roof over his head the next 3 months at least, at the Pitkin County Jail. The Times reports he pleaded guilty Monday to yelling racial epithets at an African-American man in Aspen last summer, and threatening him with a knife. Judge Chris Seldin admitted from the bench Monday he almost threw Sween into the state prison system. The judge said it was a close call, given a pattern of similar repugnant behavior. The black victim in the case was reportedly also homeless, and only provoked Sween by walking past him near the Paradise Bakery at the end of June. Multiple witnesses say the man did nothing else to stir Sween up. A 3rd man with the African-American apparently got into an exchange of blows with Sween, while the black man attempted to calm everyone down. Sween’s guilty plea to felony menacing in the case is his 6th felony conviction. He reportedly has a history of anti-social behavior and various violence. After the 3 months, he’ll have to stay alcohol and drug free, and crime-free as well, during 2 years probation. Seldin openly expresses doubt that he can do it.

And the Denver Post’s “Cannabist” column reports the city that consumes the most pot anywhere isn’t anywhere in or near Colorado… it’s New York! New Yorkers smoke and otherwise use more than 77 metric tons of weed each year, and it’s not even close. That amount’s more than 3 times higher than wahat 2nd-place Los Angeles takes in, and Denver’s a very distant 10th in the rankings by a company called Seedo, with about 6 metric tons. States like ours where cannabis is legal do have the cheapest weed… Washington state lowest, Colorado 2nd place. Seedo’s economic study of the issues points out the biggest cities like New York could find themselves rolling in instant barrels of money if only they’d legalize it. Look for LA to lead in cash, since California’s recent recreational legalization.