The Glenwood Springs City Hall elevator will be under construction for scheduled upgrades beginning April 30, 2018. The elevator will be out of order for approximately two weeks.


Both East and West staircases in City Hall will remain open. Access to the Police Department will be on the West side of the building at ground level or through the West staircase. The first, second, and third floors can be accessed from both staircases.


City staff will be available and flexible to accommodate the needs of all citizens during this time. There will be a phone available on the first floor, near the Finance Department, to accommodate individuals who cannot utilize the stairs. A list of city employees and their phone numbers will also be provided. Citizens can call staff to meet them on the first floor.


The City of Glenwood Springs apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause its citizens. To lessen any inconvenience, citizens may call the main City Hall number, 970-384-6400, to make meeting arrangements ahead of time.