Sunlight Mountain Resort’s the first of our valley’s mountains to close for the 2017 & 18 as of Sunday, but they went out in style…  Saturday was a big highlight for many locals, as US Ski Team and Olympic team member Alice McKennis returned there.

Alice’s dad Greg started taking her to Sunlight when she was about 2 years old, and she started racing in the Buddy Werner League at 5.  He’s optimistic about his daughter’s potential for the 18-19 World Cup

After a couple horrendous leg fractures in recent years after her first Olympic appearance in 2010, Alice was all the way back in the season just completed.  She ran 5th in the PyeongCheng Olympic downhill, and in early March, she was on the podium in 3rd place in the downhill at the World Cup Finals in Sweden.  A lot of folks have called Alice “Ali” over the years, and she was honored Saturday as Sunlight unveiled a new sign for next winter, when one of its trails will be renamed “Ali-Gator Alley” in her honor.  You can see pictures from Saturday’s festivities on our KSNO The Mammoth Facebook page.

A woman was injured in the backcountry Sunday, but is now being treated for her injuries.

The call came just after 11:30 Sunday morning, a report from a backcountry skiing trio who’d been skiing the Nickelson Creek area off Capitol Creek Road.  One member of their party, a 36-year-old woman, had apparently broken her leg.  Mountain Rescue Aspen headed for the area, and were met at the trailhead by the person who’d called in.  The rescue team got to the other 2 people, including victim Stephanie McLeod, about 2 Sunday afternoon.  They stabilized her, and when carrying her out they were met by more Mountain Rescue members.  They got McLeod to a Basalt ambulance that was standing by at the trailhead.  She was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries.  The operation wrapped up by about 4:30 Sunday afternoon.  Mountain Rescue says it really helped that this group was prepared, and knew exactly where they were.  Rescuers urge you to be fully prepared when visiting the backcountry, and become fully familiar with your location.

Remember the work we’ve been telling you about for a while here on the Mammoth gets started this morning at the entrance to Aspen.  Safety and other improvements are being made to the Castle Creek Bridge and to Hallam Street.  The work runs today into June, and will pick up again in August, with completion expected in October.  Look for major traffic delays, especially this week from 7 to 7 each weekday, and some on Saturdays as well.  Traffic patterns will change for a new phase of the project next week. You might want to adjust your schedule, get into the city carpool program, use the Brush Creek Road intercept lot and jump on a RFTA bus, or just take a bus from wherever you are in the valley to start with.  Keep in mind that buses heading out of Aspen will get preferential treatment from police and flaggers, over cars.  Cars and other passenger vehicles will have significant detours to follow.  We’ll remind you of the website where you can get all the info about the project in a few moments.

And remember to get your ballots filled out and turned in to your local clerk’s office, today or tomorrow, by 7 tomorrow evening.  Municipal elections are being decided in Silt, New Castle, Carbondale, and Basalt.

This morning’s news is again brought to you by the Castle Creek Bridge/Hallam Street Improvement Project at the entrance to Aspen.  The work is underway this morning.  If you need to know more about the project, look all the info up at castle creek bridge dot com…  and make plans to take RFTA or strategically get around Aspen.  Again that site with the information is castle creek bridge dot com.