The City of Glenwood Springs is hosting a Wildfire Preparedness Event April 14 at the Community Center from 2-4pm. The combination of a low snowpack and an expected dry, hot summer puts Glenwood Springs and surrounding areas at a greater risk for wildfires this summer.


At the event, the Glenwood Springs Fire Department will provide information on what individuals can do to help prevent wildfires from starting and what to do if a wildfire occurs. Speakers and handouts will include information on home fire-resilience strategies, evacuation preparation, drought and water use information, and more.


This is a family-friendly event. Speakers and informational handouts will be located inside the Community Center and firetrucks will be on display outside for families to enjoy. There will also be complimentary ice cream for the whole family.


City and county residents are encouraged to attend as wildfires can spread quickly. In coordination with other local fire agencies to inform residents across the Roaring Fork Valley, Colorado River Fire Rescue (CRFR) is hosting a similar event on April 14 at the Silt Fire Station from 10am-12pm. If you cannot attend either of these events, be sure to look for similar events in your area, or contact your local fire agency for more information.