Over the weekend The City of Aspen released a brand new logo. Sara Ott, Assistant City Manager said in a statement that “It’s important that both the residents and visitors know that those are government services that their tax dollars are supporting. Having a consistent identity through the logo and branding helps people recognize the value they’re receiving for their tax dollars here in our community.”

The roots of the project began in 2013 after Steve SKA. DRON was elected mayor and noticed the City did not have a unified graphic look and no written guidelines for use of its visual materials. In 2016 the rebranding effort got underway with a series of internal and external stakeholder interviews, and included members of the community, members of the City’s boards and commissions, City Council members and staff. This phase was conducted by Barnhart Communications, a national branding firm.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife will give away approximately 126 walleye fillets, free to licensed anglers on a first-come, first-served basis next Sunday , May 13, at Rifle Gap State Park.

If you have a current fishing license, come to park’s boat ramp, by 8 a.m. and get in line for your chance to get one of the fish.
The frozen, vacuum sealed fillets are from 63 walleye removed from Rifle Gap Reservoir by CPW biologists as required by the Rifle Gap Reservoir Lake Management Plan.

To remain in compliance with plan stipulations, CPW must remove ripe, female walleye for three years and replace them with sterile walleye. CPW will also donate fillets from 25 northern pike and eight smallmouth bass captured during the walleye project. All three species are considered a significant threat to native fish recovery efforts.

Ben Felt, CPW’s area biologist said CPW plans to stock approximately 36,000 sterile walleye into the popular fishery this year.

What: Walleye fillet give-a-way

When: 8 a.m., Sunday, May 13, 2018

Where: Rifle Gap State Park boat ramp