The patience for Baumgardner actions may have run out.

Colorado Republican senator Randy Baumgardner has been stripped of his committee assignments following new allegations of sexual and workplace harassment.

The senate district 8 representatives that includes Garfield county and Sen. Baumgardner was sanctioned after an independent investigator found credible claims by eight people that he created a hostile work environment during the 2016 session.
It was revealed yesterday that Senate President Kevin Grantham had issued a letter Wednesday to his senate colleagues announced the decision .
About one month ago the senate held a vote to expel Baumgarder based on earlier claims that Baumgardner groped a former legislative aide in 2016.
. That vote ended in a tie along party lines and thus Baumgarder maintained his seat. He has previously denied all wrongdoing. We are waiting word from Baumgardner office on this latest development.

Baumgardner had been serving on the Capital Development Committee, Transportation, Water resources and wildfire matters review committees.

Last week Senate democrats had renewed the cries to have Baumgardner removed from the senate entirely.

Well April showers bring mayflowers and of course Mayflowers bring pilgrims but the May Snow may bring a little relief for firefighters concerned about conditions in The WHite River Forest. The most recent bouts of snow and rain we have been experiencing has reduced the wildland fire potential —however it remains an ever-changing situation that all depends on the precipitation amounts throughout the summer.
public land managers and firefighters in the Roaring Fork Valley are bracing for the possibility of greater wildland fire risk earlier than usual this summer.
The National Interagency Fire Center issued a report Tuesday predicting significant wildland fire potential spreading throughout Colorado in June, including the Roaring Fork Valley. Fire conditions for June are deemed “above normal” for the lower two-thirds of the Colorado mountains.

Western and southwest Colorado, as well as the south-central mountains, were rated above normal for significant wildland fire potential in May.

As a result The Bureau of Management put Stage I fire restrictions in place in southwestern Colorado on Tuesday. That bans outdoor smoking, fireworks and of course campfires, on lands it administers.

There are some changes for those of you thinking about camping at Green Mountain Reservoir in Dillon This year the campground at Reservoir along with a few other campgrounds will be operated and maintained by the forest-wide campground concessionaire, White River Recreation

Pricing will increase for all of the campgrounds around Green Mountain Reservoir from $13 to $18 per night with the exception of Blue River Campground which will change from $14 to $20 per night.  The camping fee covers one motor vehicle plus a towed camper or one RV and a motor vehicle per single camp site.