This week Aspen City Council voted to place numerous new restrictions on parking, Under the new law which should take effect later this season,, campers, trailers or other kinds of unattached non-motorized vehicles must remain attached to a car or truck everywhere in town.
Oversized vehicles are anything over 24 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8 feet high or a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or more. won’t be eligible for a residential or guest pass, but each resident will be able to buy three passes a year that are good for three days each under the proposed changes.
The Council also raised parking fines. Under the new rules, overtime fines will go from $30 to $40.
The Council agreed to let the city impound cars whose owners have let a parking, standing or stopping violation lapse for more than 30 days. Currently it is 60 days.

Public hearings will be scheduled in the coming weeks when people can comment on the potential changes.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has introduced the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act in th bus Senate as an attempt to expand the pool of eligible citizens who may have been impacted by nuclear testing in Idaho in 1950s. Crapo’s legislation is an add on to program created in 1990 that has divvied out more than $2 billion to miners and others in the states of Is Idaho, Utah and Nevada. The new bill is attempt to expand program to those who may have been impacted throughout the mouton west including Colorado.