Artists George Peters and Melanie Walker’s gallery-specific exhibition “Double Vision” will be featured at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, Colorado through June 13. The opening reception will be held from 5 to 7PM on Tuesday, June 5. Refreshments will be served.

Each artist is exhibiting their own body of work within the same space. Says Peters of his “Storm Doors & Wall of Winds, “I have always believed in the making of spaces whether in a room, a home, a forest or a specifically constructed volume within which anything can happen.”

“The intention behind my work is for people to remember themselves. I strive to make pieces where the viewer interface is the purpose of the work. When my work is successful, viewer-participants have a multi-sensory experience that immerses them in their own unique interconnected stories,” said Melanie Walker.

“This is one of the most engaging exhibitions we’ve featured,” said Executive Director Nancy Wilhelms. She continued, “if you are familiar with the displays of colorful and creative banners flying on campus during recent years, you know the collaborative work of George and Melanie. We’re so pleased to welcome them back to Anderson Ranch.”

George Peters has a 30-year history of working with aerial forms from gallery works to installation sculpture, kites, mobiles and banner works. During that time, he has worked primarily as a studio artist and in the public art realm. His artistic experience includes film animation, graphic arts, theater set and costume design, photography, architectural modeling, painting and sculpture. He has completed more than eighty large scale national and international commissioned works for private, corporate and public institutions.

Melanie Walker is an internationally-recognized artist with experience in installation sculpture, photography and new forms. She combines photography with sculpture, electronics, puppetry, costumes and sound to create participatory environments that break down the traditional proscenium for viewers. She is a tenured professor of Art and photography at the University of Colorado at Boulder and has received numerous awards including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1996.

Founded in 1966, Anderson Ranch Arts Center is a premier destination in America for art making and critical dialogue, bringing together aspiring and internationally renowned artists to discuss and further their work in a stimulating environment. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado, the Ranch hosts extensive workshops for aspiring, emerging and established artists in eight disciplines, including Photography & New Media, Ceramics, Painting & Drawing, Furniture Design & Woodworking, Sculpture, Woodturning, Printmaking and Digital Fabrication. In addition to the Summer Series: Featured Artists & Conversations, the Ranch hosts engaging events throughout the year including: the Recognition Dinner, held in honor of Anderson Ranch’s National Artist Award and Service to the Arts Award honorees (July 20, 2017); the Annual Art Auction & Community Picnic (August 5, 2017), a thirty-seven-year-old tradition which features works of local, national and international artists; and a year-round Artists-in-Residence Program, fostering artistic growth for emerging and established visual artists. For over 50 years Anderson Ranch Arts Center has been working to enrich lives with art, inspiration and community. Learn more at or 970/923.3181.

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