Sunday afternoon evacuation orders were issued by Eagle County Emergency Officials for all persons living, working, or traveling in the vicinity of Alkali Creek Neighborhood in response to a speeding wildfire just north of Wolcot. THe fire is located on Bocco Hill. all weekend Multiple air and ground crews from a half a dozen fire districts have been battling the fire and . The latest report has the fire at 20% contained and engulfing 415 acres. firefighters and multiple air resources will continue to build fireline and engage the fire when it is safe to do so. However, predicted single digit humidity and high winds could lead to rapid fire growth and extreme fire behavior. Firefighters will use existing roads, dozer lines, water drops and natural features wherever possible to limit future fire spread in the area.There are approximately 37 structures threatened to the north of the fire including homes, outbuildings, and ranch infrastructure. There have been no reported loss or damages to structures at this time.

Closures: Highway 131 is currently open, but may close if needed for fire suppression efforts and public safety. Access to the Eagle County Landfill will remain open even if Highway 131 is closed.

Due to critically low water flow caused by dry conditions and minimal snowpack levels, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will close a 0.6-mile stretch of the Yampa River between the dam at Stagecoach State Park down to the lowermost park boundary.

The closure begins June 14 and will continue until further notice.

According to Senior Aquatic Biologist Lori Martin “If the flow rate increase substantially for a continuous period of time, CPW will re-evaluate the emergency fishing closure,”

When water flows are minimal, fish become concentrated in residual pool habitat and become stressed due to increased competition for food resources. The fish become much easier targets for anglers, an added stressor that can result in increased hooking mortality.

CPW advises anglers to find alternative areas to fish until the order is rescinded. Many other local areas are now fishable, with tributaries contributing water to maintain various fisheries. Several area lakes are also open and fishing well.