Gaining control of the fire
Firefighters made some major advancements over the weekend in controlling the Lake Christine Fire. They reported that it had reached 30 percent containment.
The blaze had grown a little over last 48 hours to consume nearly 6000 acres though the threat to homes and structures seems to be under contra ol. Though temperatures in area should again reach the 90s firefighters believe any further growth of the fire will only occur at the highest elevations and removed from populated areas.

Some firefighters have been injured while out in the field, including one Saturday who was involved in a bulldozer rollover. There have been 3 structures lost to the fire but no lives.

authorities said the smoke-filled air will persist for weeks, and people also are likely to see hints of flames during the night hours, said incident commander Mike Almas. Those flames are harmless, however, and “they ask citizens f refrain from jamming up the 911 lines.

Nearly 800 of the reported 1800 residents have been allowed to return to their homes there are more schedule d for today while homeowners on Cedar Drive at the Piñon Drive intersection will have opportunity to return to their homes for a brief 20-minute escorted visits by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The growing confidence of area firefighters have them releasing over 200 support personal to tother fires in the state.
Some perhaps even to Wolcott where Eagle River Fire Protection District was dispatched to a report of a wildland fire above the Eagle Springs Golf Course in Wolcott. It was determined that the fire was located on a ridge to the east of the Red Canyon subdivision. Six individuals and two horses were evacuated as a precaution. Crews will remain on scene to monitor fire .

A Type 3 helicopter conducted bucket drops throughout the afternoon and early evening. A major power line in the area was initially threatened, and as a precaution, the communities of Edwards, Avon, Beaver Creek and Vail were notified of the possibility of a power outage. Firefighters were successful in keeping the fire away from the power lines, and as of 11:00 p.m., Incident Command did not anticipate further threat to the area’s power supply.
As of 11:00 p.m. the fire is still estimated to be only 5 acres in size, and is burning in mainly sagebrush on US Forest Service land. Approximately 70 personnel are currently working the fire, with more resources expected to arrive in the morning. The cause has not been determined; however, there was lighting activity in the area at the time, and two other small fires were reported along the Interstate shortly thereafter.