While Mountain Rescue Aspen (MRA) and the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office was mobilizing a team to enter Maroon Bells Wilderness Area Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center received a 911 call from a hiker on N Maroon Peak.  The hiker and his friend had come across a 37 year old male that, while descending, had fallen approximately 15-20 feet and broken his wrist. The 37 year old male has a medical condition requiring him to climb with specialized equipment using mainly his arms. With his broken wrist the male was unable to move himself.  Therefore two members of MRA were inserted into the field by a Colorado Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Training Site (HAATS) Blackhawk helicopter. The male was transferred to an Aspen Ambulance and taken to Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH) for medical evaluation.

Simultaneously, MRA sent a team of two members into the Maroon Bells Wilderness to search for a 73 year old male and his 12 year old grandson. These two individuals were supposed to be out of the Bells by the day before, July 23.  While the foot team that was enroute to the injured climber on N Maroon Peak they came in contact with the missing 73 year old male and 12 year old male. Both individuals were in good health and on their way out of the wilderness.

The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Mountain Rescue Aspen would like to remind all citizens venturing into the back country to please let your loved ones know your planned route.