Current Situation: Yesterday saw an increase in smoke emanating from within the interior of the Lake Christine Fire during the afternoon, a trend that is expected to continue today. Firefighters tirelessly trekked from one smoke to another as hotspots, long lying dormant, began popping up. In firefighter jargon this is referred to as the “Whack-A-Mole” (popular arcade game) technique, whereas firefighters extinguish one hot spot and another pops up elsewhere. This is prevalent in the late afternoon as the humidity decreases and the temps, winds and visible smokes increase. The situation is especially taxing to fire crews remaining on the Lake Christine Fire because their numbers have dwindled to 26, due to the need for resources at the many large fires currently burning across the west. Our type 3 helicopter kept busy throughout the day making numerous bucket-drops as firefighters directed it to their areas of greatest concern. They were assisted late in the afternoon by a type 1 helicopter borrowed from the nearby Cache Creek Fire who was needed to control a small “slop over”. This refers to a small area of fire that crossed Forest Service Road 509, still well within the perimeter of dozer line located at the extreme north end of the fire.
Elsewhere on the fire heavy equipment operators continued their process of returning the dozer and handlines back to their original state on areas of the fire where they were no longer needed. This does not, however apply to the north and eastern central edge of the fire where the most heat remains. It is important to recognize that the forest closure near the fire area is still in effect. We ask the public to respect the area restrictions for their own and firefighter’s safety.
Weather and Fuel Conditions: Todays high temperatures will remain in the mid-80’s with the possibility of afternoon thundershowers. Should the thunderstorms develop, gusty winds up to 40 mph. could be expected in the fire area. Tonight’s temperatures should remain in the mid-50’s.
Evacuations and Closures: Remain the same as yesterday. No pre-evacuations at this time.
Motorists are asked to respect any established control points to enable continued access for firefighters and support equipment.
Closures in the White River remain in effect – please see the closures on Inciweb for more details.
Fire and Temporary Flight Restrictions: Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are in effect on private, state and federal lands in Eagle, Pitkin and Garfield counties. For information on fire restrictions please visit Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) for the Lake Christine Fire remains in effect around the entire fire area, including restrictions on unmanned aircraft systems (drones).

The City of Glenwood Springs is planning Wildfire Hazard fuels mitigation projects August through November 2018. The work will be done on City property some of which abuts private property within City limits. The work consists of removing, thinning, and liming up of wildfire hazard fuels to help reduce the spread of fire.

Planned work for 2018:

Veltus Park – Reduction of fuels around the upper bathroom structure and maintenance in the area where the larger fuels were removed last summer

9th Place and Waltz Ave – Create a fuel break to the West of the homes in this area on City property below the Red Mountain Water Plant

Oasis Creek Subdivision – Vegetation removed and thinned in the drainage that is accessed via North Transfer Trail Southeast of the intersection of West Harvard Drive and North Transfer Trail and the northern most end of North transfer trail

Dave Ressler, AVH CEO and Foundation Chairman John Sarpa made a special announcement regarding AVH’s proposed partnership with New York-based Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). HSS is the world leader in musculoskeletal health and has been ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report for the past eight consecutive years.
Hospital leaders and OrthoAspen surgeons have spent several months, with the encouragement of the AVH Board of Directors, exploring the opportunity for this collaborative partnership that would further enhance the world-class care delivered by the hospital. The hospital board will vote on the recommendations of OrthoAspen’s surgeons and AVH to pursue a formal partnership with HSS in a public session on Monday, August 13, at 6 pm in Aspen Valley Hospital’s Oden Conference Center.