the 113 Fire began in the vicinity of the 111 (South Canyon) exit. The fire spread quickly up the slope on the North side of I-70. Responders from various agencies converged on the site. A closure of westbound I-70 was initiated to allow fire equipment and responders to access the area.


A helicopter was called in for aerial support and water bucket drops. The water is currently being taken from the Colorado River immediately adjoining I-70 in this canyon area. The aerial operations have necessitated the closure of I-70 East bound at approximately the 109 exit.


There is no current information on the size or cause of the fire.


Pre-evacuations have been ordered for the area known as Ami’s Acres and the Mitchell Creek areas both lying east of the fire before the 114 Exit to Glenwood Springs.


Rafters planning to enter the river from the 114 East and travel through the South Canyon area need to cancel those plans immediately. It is impossible to continue aerial helicopter water drops from the river if there are rafts or other watercraft in the river.