Bringing to life the Nobel Prize-winning story of devotion, isolation and the fundamental nature of being human, Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC) presents “Of Mice and Men” on select dates from February 21-March 9  at the black box theatre in the heart of the Carbondale Creative District. This Main Season production is directed by stage veteran Lon Winston, the Founder & Executive Artistic Director Emeritus of TRTC.


Dates start with a Preview Performance on Thursday, February 21 ($10-25 for GA tickets), and a Champagne Opening Reception on Friday, February 22 ($15-30 for GA tickets), including a champagne reception following the performance with the cast and crew.


Select dates for “Of Mice and Men” performances are February 21-23,  March 1-2, and March 7-9 at 7:30 p.m. and a matinee performance on March 3 at 2 p.m. Reserve tickets online at or call the box office (970) 963-8200.


“For Thunder River Theatre Company’s production, I am focusing on caretaking and end of life decisions—in a world that feels more lonely and alienating than just a couple of years ago,” said Lon Winston, director of “Of Mice and Men.” As far as paying homage to the book, Winston said “Steinbeck’s use of language is beautiful, and he has the ability to turn simple ideas into complex stories. That is his gift. I work with the actors to achieve my message without changing the language, the syntax or the vocabulary.”


Main themes in the play, such as friendship, alienation, loneliness and cruelty, all resonate on contemporary themes despite the Depression-era setting. John Steinbeck’s famous drama follows two migrant farmhands with a shared passion of securing their slice of the American Dream, a vision of paradise found by owning a piece of land. Quick-witted, idealist George is a devoted caretaker and companion to the mentally disabled Lennie, whose brute strength and a dangerous fascination for soft comforts renders him ill-fitted for the often callus nature of migratory work, and ultimately, the world at large.


Winston explained he wants to stay honest to the text Steinbeck wrote. Having directed sets and stage performances for around 50 years, Winston explained he sees each new production as a model based on the vision of the director and the individual contributions from each actor. As each production evolves, the actors grow to understand their true intentions on stage, thus the play unfolds.


Carried by a cast of storied performers here in the Roaring Fork Valley, the “Of Mice and Men” cast list includes TRTC’s Executive Artistic Director, Corey Simpson as George, the caretaker of character Lennie, played by Owen O’Farrell. TRTC actor Sonya Meyer supports the performance as Curly’s Wife alongside award-winning actor Bob Moore as Candy. The cast is joined by Tom Cochran, Gerald DeLisser, Nick Garay, Dana Gaubatz, Brian McIsaac, and Willie Moseley.


In addition to being stage regulars in many of the lauded productions held at TRTC, Winston said he is proud to be working with such a wonderful cast, filled with talented actors who will add strength and intelligence to the play.



Select dates for “Of Mice and Men” performances are February 21-23,  March 1-2, and March 7-9 at 7:30 p.m. and a matinee performance on March 3 at 2 p.m. Reserve tickets online at or call the box office (970) 963-8200.


General Admission tickets are $10-30 each. Special pricing applies to Full-Time Students ($15) and 20- or 30-somethings, ages 20-39, ($20) for performances except for the already reduced Preview Performance on February 21. Main Season Ticket Holders should contact the box office to reserve tickets. Doors and Concessions open at 7 p.m., featuring some of the best drink prices in Carbondale.



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