he City of Glenwood Springs is pleased to announce that the City approved the Glenwood Springs: Moving Forward Together U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Plan on February 21, 2019. Following the approval of the Plan, the City released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to find a qualified, visionary development partner to participate in the City of Glenwood Springs’ efforts to develop approximately 12.2 acres of land located at the Confluence of the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers. The RFQ response deadline is May 22, 2019.


Using funding from an EPA grant, the City since late 2017 has been working to create a strategy to tie together the Confluence Redevelopment, 6th Street Corridor Master Plan, 7th StreetBeautification project and Two Rivers Park. The Glenwood Springs: Moving Forward Together U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Plan includes an implementation strategy to revitalize the brownfields located along the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers in the City’s core, including the 5-acre site where the City’s decommissioned wastewater treatment plant is currently being demolished. The Plan provides an analysis of development yield, necessary parking and consideration of existing constraints (existing utilities, railroad rights-of-way, setbacks from law enforcement/civic buildings, etc.). The Area Wide Plan provides alternatives for the development of the Confluence; all of which include easy access to transit. Information about the process to develop the Area Wide Plan is available at https://www.cogs.us/movingforward


The purpose of the RFQ that was released on Feb. 22, 2019, is to identify a master developer partner with whom the City could enter into a collaborative public/private partnership to develop creative and innovative approaches to the Confluence. Redevelopment of the Confluence Area is envisioned as an infill development that will extend the City’s Downtown to the Roaring Fork River, celebrate the area’s natural surroundings, and create a mixed-use neighborhood that is compatible with the surrounding residential and commercial architecture.


The various parcels within the Confluence Area are envisioned as a mixed-use development that connect downtown to the riverfront and the Rio Grande Trail. Through a public/private partnership, the City intends for the property to include elements such as:

• A variety of housing types (mixed-income housing)

• Commercial space – including areas for restaurants and other retail space

• Office and incubator space 

• Hotel/lodging 

• Civic and public space, which could include space for performing arts/special events/museum

• Retained access to the Rio Grande Trail 

• Public river access 

• Transit access 


For more information about the RFQ, please visit www.cogs.us/BD2019-013