Summer is officially in full swing, and as visitors and Coloradans alike spend more time in bear country, it is critical to stay bear aware. Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds everyone that it is crucial to bearproof your property and cars when living in or traveling to bear country this summer. 

Black bears are curious and smart animals, always on the lookout for a meal that requires the least amount of effort. Cars, garages, and houses unfortunately often provide the meal a bear is looking for with easily accessible human food, garbage, pet food and other attractants available. When people allow bears access to these attractants, a bear’s instinctive drive to eat can overcome its fear of humans. 

To help keep bears wild, it is important that those living and recreating in bear country are bear-proofing their home and property, including cars and campers. Don’t make it easy and appealing for bears to visit your property, and you’ll help prevent conflicts between humans and bears. 

“Bear-proofing your property is essential during the summer months as bears are actively foraging for food, especially as fall approaches. People can prevent conflicts with bears and other wildlife, and we really need everyone to follow the proper precautions to help keep your property, your neighborhood, and our bear population safe,” said J Wenum, area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “In the summer bears typically forage for insects, leaves, and flowers of broad-leafed plants but all it takes is one careless person to encourage a bear to get into a neighbor’s home, car or trash can.”

Properly bearproofing your home may mean taking several of the recommended steps below:

Photo Credit: DJ Hannigan