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Spa of the Rockies’ unique setting gives the “real deal” in spa treatment

david erlich spa director spa of the rockies glenwood hot springs pool

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spa of the rockies glenwood hot springs pool

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Spa of the Rockies, located at the heart of the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, could not be in a better location to rejuvenate and relax their guests.

The 13 treatment room facility is surrounded by mother nature’s finest gifts of geothermal natural waters and thus, provides¬†“the real deal” in spa treatment services.

“Spa of the Rockies is unique because of the thermal springs access,” Spa Director David Erlich said.

Every other spa wanting to offer geothermal springs experiences or geothermal product… usually has to buy them or ship them in, the fact that we have them right here in our front yard makes it very special,” Erlich said.

The spa has recently changed their menu of services to focus more on the amazing healing powers of the springs.

“Like a chef wanting to cook something seasonally and prepare something fresh annually…we like to change it up every now and then.” Erlich said of the new menu.

The Ute Native Americans called the springs Yampah or “big medicine.” They were the first to use the mineral-rich waters and considered them sacred.

“We have been able to take the spa environment and induce and introduce all of thermal springs healing attributes by using the waters for a variety of body treatments, thermal baths, and wraps and scrubs,” Erlich said.

The hot springs have been bubbling up from earth’s core for millions of years and have been known to¬†improve circulation, shorten healing time of injuries, and assist in muscle pain.

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